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Sailwind Free Download GAMESPACK.NET Sailwind is a physics-based sailing simulator, largely made by one person. Your character is onboard a boat, and operates it by pulling ropes and spinning the wheel. There is a map (in your inventory), but it doesn’t tell your exact location. Instead you have to use other means to discover where you are and where you’re headed, and it’s up to you to figure out how to get to your destination. Sailing isn’t only about controlling a ship on the the open seas, however. Along the way, you are faced with survival and trading elements that help to create emergent tales of exploration and adventure. Of course, opposed to those meager trading efforts are the forces of wave and wind, storm and starvation as meaningful accomplishment can’t truly be felt without a little risk thrown into the mix.All games that simulate some real-world activity must do so through some degree of representation, but Sailwind does a good job of exposing players to the details of how sailing works. Most nautical-themed games take a more game-ish approach to this subject, while Sailwind almost seems like it wants to teach players how to actually sail a boat. What caused you to think about going in this direction with the development, focusing on the kinds of details that triple-A games would strive to eliminate  TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

Coming from a background of VR development and immersive experiences, developer Raw Lion Workshop calls Sailwind their most ambitious project to-date. The dev explores that complexity in this chat with Game Developer, digging into what brought about this open-world sailing simulator, its realistic sailing physics, and the elements of survival, trading, and adventure that define this journey across the sea. It’s been close to three years since I started the project, though only the last two years were full time work. The game is made in Unity, using the Crest ocean asset for rendering the ocean and basic boat physics. Most of the other features I have developed on my own. The models and textures are made in Blender, and for sound effects I use creative commons and public domain sounds available online, often heavily edited to fit into the game. Sker Ritual


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