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To the Moon Free Download GAMESPACK.NET It’s a top-down adventure that frames itself visually as a 1990s Japanese role-playing game, while snipping out all the bits that define that genre. In fact, it omits most of what would define any game. Its interactivity is largely confined to the exploration of the man’s memories, in which you identify key items before completing – rather perplexingly – a tile-reversal puzzle which allows you to travel further into his past. Lovely lo-fi tearjerker To the Moon is being turned into an animated feature film image With no knowledge of why your client wished to visit the moon, you’re given no choice but to travel slowly back through his life, one step at a time, with the intention of planting the seeds of this ambition in his childhood brain. As such, John’s story is told in reverse – a task that requires tremendous courage on the part of the writer. Holding it together demands careful planning and structuring, lest you divulge too much or too little information at inopportune times. Get it wrong, as it is so easy to do, and your entire fiction falls flat. Yet To the Moon tells one of the best, most confident stories I’ve seen in a game. And it doesn’t just do so by being well-written or full of surprising twists – although it is both – but because it’s told with uncommonly keen observation that’s woven precisely into the timeline. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

The mini-games are a little incongruous, but straight-forward enough. Across its four-or-so hours and seventy-or-so years, To the Moon touches upon deeply personal moments in its central character’s life. They range from the most revelatory to the most minute, yet every one is as relevant and poignant as the last. To the Moon is about a life lived: the people, the places, the hardships and joys that make us human. Flipping the chronology is no gimmick. It allows the story to begin as a blustery mish-mash of half-ideas that crystallise satisfyingly as the years tick backwards. The game never cuts away from important clues to keep up its mystery, but its characters speak to each other as people who’ve been close for a lifetime. Quite naturally, they don’t divulge heaps of information in long, expository scenes. Workshop Simulator


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