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RESIDENT EVIL 7 biohazard Free Download GAMESPACK.NET Resident Evil is one of those gaming franchises where I joined in on the fun later on. I do remember playing Resident Evil 2 on a cousin’s PC and giving up on it since both of us couldn’t figure out the controls — we were novice gamer kids. It was only when Resident Evil 4 was the rage everywhere that I properly jumped on the Biohazard train. I played through it several times and would still maintain that it’s one of the best games ever. Resident Evil 5 was a letdown, though, but strictly from a gameplay perspective, I still enjoyed it. I’m also one of those who didn’t hate Resident Evil 6 although the main reasoning behind it was Leon’s Campaign that held it up like Atlas while the other parts bogged it down by being too action-oriented losing that mix of action and survival horror that I was accustomed to from the franchise, as well as, teetering far too much on ridiculousness. Capcom took heed of the criticisms similar to how they took notice of the DMC reboot and its lack of resonance with the established player base. In comes Sony E3 2016 with a creepy reveal of a new entry in the franchise seemingly going back to its Survival Horror roots. I was certainly intrigued and although I didn’t give it a try when it came out, it was on my list and since I do eventually get around to things on my lists however long it may take, here I am, several years later, finishing the game and putting down my thoughts — The Evil Within playthroughs I did recently verily motivated me too. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

Surprisingly well-told and far more mature than what I had expected. While I have enjoyed the stories in some of the previous games — mainly Resident Evil 4 —, they are by no means masterpieces and are often campy and schlocky which, ironically, gives the franchise its charm. However, after several sequels, it was a nice change of pace to have a story that sparingly used those elements and opted for a relatively serious and darker tone. Apart from the premise, I didn’t know what I was getting into and when everything came together by the end, I was thoroughly entertained. Getting in the shoes of Ethan — a new protagonist in the franchise — who is on the search for his missing girlfriend after a cryptic message she sends that leads him to a swampy and eerie estate of The Baker Family was a great way to jump into the revitalized sequel. What happened to the Umbrella Corporation? What are the classic characters doing? What’s the state of the world? The game chucks all of that out and narrows the story down where the metanarrative renewal of the franchise goes hand in hand with the character in your hands. Things go awry quickly and you’re now fighting, or rather running for your life from an insane family of undying members while trying to piece together what the actual fuck is going on — I loved that. Plants VS Zombies GOTY Edition


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