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Cuphead Free Download GAMESPACK.NET I remember when I first saw this game on TV when the Xbox One was first revealed. When this game flashed on screen during an ID@Xbox show reel, I became interested in an instant. That was back in 2013, and skip forward a few years later, I have yet to buy an Xbox One or any of the “exclusives,” even when most of them are on PC. That changed when this game FINALLY released, and the best part is, the wait is worth it. Now, before I get too deep into the gameplay, I have to say that unlike most journalists in the field these days, I’m not gonna do the idiotic “#Cup Souls” thing or even compare this game to Dark Souls in the slightest. While Dark Souls can be challenging, a more accurate comparison is most likely an NES game, which can actually be more difficult. Just like a NES game, more precisely Contra, it’s an easy-to-play Run-N-Gun game, thanks to the simple tutorial that only a certain game journalist would find hard, that becomes hard thanks to ever spawning enemies and projectiles everywhere. Luckily, the game is still fair, and it even feels rewarding beating the bosses in the game, which is mostly what the game is. The controls are tight and responsive, though I have changed the dash to the Right Trigger for better access, and never have I felt like they were fighting against me. Back to the bosses, though, they will give you a beat down. We’re talking about bosses that will fill the screen with projectiles and enemies, and they will require your whole attention span and quick thumbs to beat them. This game is a great time, solo or co-op, but if you’re not a fan of hard games, it won’t be for you. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

Now, for the one thing it quickly got attention for, the graphics. Seriously, we can gush over a game for having the most “ULTRA-REALISTIC” graphics, but I find this game to have the most impressive graphics I’ve ever seen. This game sets out to emulate the look of the 1930s cartoons, and it emulates it to a T. The game sprites run at 24 fps, just like the cartoons of old, but still provides a rock solid 60 fps during gameplay, except for some very rare frame dips. The music and sound also adds to the graphics as well with the soundtracks mix of jazz and ragtime (if you don’t believe me, just look up “Dice King theme” on YouTube), and you can even hear crackling sounds during the quiet times. Overall, this a hard, yet awesome game that emulates the aesthetic perfectly. If you have an Xbox One, this game is a must-have, and even if you’re getting the game on PC, which you have a choice of getting it from Steam, GOG, or Microsoft Store if you want the “Play Anywhere” version, this game can pretty much run on a toaster. Attack on Titan 2 Final Battle


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