PANICORE  Free Download GAMESPACK.NET PANICORE is a co-op survival horror game by ZTEK Studio that uses audio technology to adapt the behavior of its terrifying entities to the level of noise the player is making — both in-game and in real life. Despite being petrified of my own shadow at the best of times, the thought of being able to scream at a monster and cause it to sprint up to my friend and eat them (sorry, Anyka!) was intriguing enough to dive into the equally horrific and hilarious experience. Developed entirely by two horror-loving brothers fresh to the industry, PANICORE is a low-budget but engrossing take on the co-op survival horror genre. Players take on the role of an explorer drawn to the mystery of abandoned buildings, which is, conveniently, where all host monsters (dubbed “entities”) are trapped within. With only a flashlight in hand, players must work together to find the necessary materials to repair or create an escape all while the entity can hear your every move. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

PANICORE automatically uses your PC’s default microphone to monitor any sounds you make, even if you decide not to use its in-game voice chat. Noise is a double-edged sword, which can be used to strategically lure or distract the entity, while uncontrolled noise — be that screams or deliberate sabotage attempts from your friends — can lead to pure chaos and, generally, death. In addition to the sounds you and your teammates make in real life, various actions in the game also produce varying levels of noise. Players must choose opportune moments to perform tasks such as cutting wood to build a ladder or repairing an elevator. One of my favorite moments during my playthroughs was standing at the door with a brick in hand, ready to distract the blind entity from my teammate sawing behind me — only to be devoured due to a terrible throw on my part. While the noise mechanic typically works well, there were moments when the entities reacted strangely and, at times, seemed far too sensitive to noise. This particularly became a problem in the game’s third and final map, which (without spoiling) features an entity with far fewer limitations than the others.  Road Maintenance Simulator


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