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Ziggurat 2 Free Download GAMESPACK.NET Over the years I’ve played through hundreds of FPS titles, blasting through campaign offerings and taking on the gauntlet against the multiplayer masses. Very few have ever had me quite as encapsulated within the experience being offered as Milkstone Studios 2015 dungeon-crawling FPS title Ziggurat. With its fast-paced combat reminiscent of DOOM, and a plethora of spells and weaponry such as wands, staffs and more to utilise against the enemy onslaught, this rogue-lite adventure certainly found its way to cult status amongst gamers very quickly, and for good reason. In the years since the PC has been graced by a follow-up title and now Ziggurat II makes its way to consoles as well, but does it match the same lofty heights as its predecessor? There are a few different game modes to choose from, with three Classic modes, Campaign and a Daily Challenge. The Campaign was my chosen starting point and unlike its predecessor, the main gameplay focus for Ziggurat II doesn’t see players run into a scaling pyramid with progressively harder floors before restarting over and over each time they perish. Instead, the gameplay here follows a mission-based structure with a map screen showcasing which quests are available, as well as their length, threat and type – be it the main quest or side quests, as well as the rewards available for beating it. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

Whilst the campaign does look to provide a bit more of a story this time around, the one disappointment I found is that the story itself is actually quite dull with little to no narrative between missions and a much less convincing reason to be battling these deadly creatures than the original had. Of course, you have to give praise to the developers for not simply copying and pasting everything that made the last title work wonders, however when it was already working so well, you need to do something really game-changing to make it feel worthwhile and story chapters for a game like this simply don’t feel suited, or make the leap necessary, especially when the story itself isn’t that riveting. Besides the campaign, players can jump into the Classic Modes options which include the Ziggurat Trial, which acts as the Ziggurat we have come to know long before Ziggurat II in which you must climb floors to reach the top and kill the boss, as well as Infinite Dungeon, which tests just how far you can go until you finally concede defeat, and The Gauntlet, which is a high-intensity challenge, with dozens of enemies around you in a large arena which grow stronger over time. The final option is of course Daily Challenge which provides an all-new option each day for players to get stuck into with specific effects and characters being used.


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