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Lossless Scaling Free Download GAMESPACK.NET This is something I mentioned in the FSR3 thread, but according to the Lossless Scaling author, they use Machine Learning and not FSR3 for this tech, so I decided to add a new thread. With Lossless Scaling you can have Frame Generation in any game of your collection, just like when this app added FSR1 for any game years ago, and it worked. I purchased it for like 1€ or 2€ 3 years ago or so to add FSR1 to ALL my games and it did a good job upscaling 1080p internal games to my 1440p monitor at the time, which was huge for me despite the flaws of FSR1 ‘cos I had a dying GTX 1080 and a puny GTX 1060 3GB which could barely run most games anymore (VRAM). Nowadays it uses other upscaling solutions like their own LS1 -via machine learning-, FSR1, nVidia’s NIS…, Anime4K and it works with video and desktop resolutions too. So…, I tried it launching The Witcher 3, a game that is limited to 33fps-34fps with RT Ultra on my Ryzen 3700X CPU, and it was my first experience ever with Frame Generation. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

I was skeptical at first ‘cos I used Lossless Scaling -and similar solutions like Magpie- to have FSR1 on all my games, and on very specific games VRR kinda broke at times, but yes, it was indeed an universal FSR solution. Gotta admit that when I launched The Witcher 3 and set it to 30fps max, and then enabled Frame Generation and saw the game running at a flawless 60fps I was awestruck. Totally worth it, and I didn’t see any artifacts. Another game I want to try is Elden Ring, but at 120fps :mrgreen: It works, and I didn’t use the upscaling options of Lossless Scaling at all, since The Witcher 3 has internal XeSS support. Can’t wait to try it in quite a few games….., like Shadow of the Tomb Raider (native XeSS support, and also native support for half of the refresh rate of my monitor, which is ideal for Lossless Scaling FG, and I never got to play Shadow of the Tomb Raider at 164fps, max is like 130fps on my CPU). ROBOBEAT


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