RUGBY 25  Free Download GAMESPACK.NET Would it be that hard to have attacking players synchronise their runs to go roughly in the same direction as a line? That is always going to make or break the gameplay. I’d rather have the system be too stiff and players just running paralel lines all the time with little variation than them just strolling around waiting for the pass to be thrown. I think it’s the one condition required to make it feel like you’re actually playing rugby and I don’t understand how no rugby game devs have identified it yet I would take no face scans and zero licenses for awesome game play and an editor Face scans aren’t good for much, likd hey look great on cut scenes n so on bt no camera angle worth using is gonna make them worthwhile. I hope it improves and I’m sure it will in some capacity buti doubt it’ll be much and nit in the areas people want then most TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

This game looks like it’s multiple years away from release the way basic rucks don’t function in any way. The players just stick to one another with no one attempting to win the ball or generate any push. Obviously, the player selection glitch needs to be worked out. Otherwise the game is going to be endless scrums lol It’s not looking promising at this point, feels like a fairly well put together mobile game at best. I feel like they needed to spent less time scanning players from every corner of the game and more focusing on the core play. Player movement and position seems a bit randomised, the breakdown is a QTE and the play style feels a lot more consistent with NRL. Hopefully things shake up a bit before the full release but I’m not sure this is what was needed. KITTEN HERO


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