ROBOBEATFree Download GAMESPACK.NET everal weeks ago, I had the pleasure of previewing ROBOBEAT, which was in Early Access at the time. Despite being in Early Access, ROBOBEAT felt nearly complete barring some information-presentation issues that I hoped would be corrected for the final release. The few hours I spent in-game were full of high-octane shooting to the beat of the song that was currently playing. Of course, there were some other things not present in that version, being some levels, bug fixes, songs, and more, but the fact remains that the game felt incredibly polished. On May 14, ROBOBEAT will be shedding its Early Access status and entering full release. I’ve spent several more hours in-game, shooting to the beat and trying to pull off every single flashy trick I could before dying and starting over again. It’s the classic roguelite gameplay loop, folks, but with a rhythm game win condition. The question now remains: How does it fare as a full release? If you haven’t yet read our initial preview coverage of ROBOBEAT, I recommend you check it out before continuing further. Given that much of the preview was polished to the point of being a pre-release and the core gameplay loop remains consistent, I’ll avoid reiteration as much as possible. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

ROBOBEAT had me play as Ace, a bounty hunter who as been trapped in the mansion of his most recent target, a robotic showperson known as Frazzer. Each room in the mansion is procedurally generated and full of blocky enemies that rush me down with melee and ranged weapons. My goal is to wall-run, slide, dash, and shoot guns in sync with the game’s beat. If I die, I’m sent back to the lobby where I have to try again. This ain’t your regular roguelite shooter, folks, this is a mashup of genres that work quite well together. I remain firm in believing that ROBOBEAT is quite ingenious in mashing up the genres of roguelite, first-person shooting, and rhythm. Shooting to the beat is something that should come naturally to most rhythm players, especially since it’s the same degree of inputs. If you’ve played Guitar Hero, Rock Band, DJ Hero, or even Rhythm Sprout, you’ll settle quite well into the loop of shooting to the beat while attempting to stay alive. As someone who has spent a good amount of time playing Activision/Harmonix’s classics as a teenager, ROBOBEAT implemented its rhythm shooting exceptionally well. OPERATOR



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