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BlazBlue Entropy Effect Free Download GAMESPACK.NET BlazBlue has seemingly always prided itself on strange titles, much in the vein of the completely nonsensical naming conventions of the Kingdom Hearts franchise. Big hair and daft names aside, one aspect BlazBlue hasn’t fully capitalized on yet is spin-off titles. But things are about to change with the Early Access release of BlazBlue: Entropy Effect on Steam. BlazBlue: Entropy Effect is developed by 91 Act under license from Arc System Works. 91 Act is a Chinese company that previously released mobile titles for Dengeki Bunko and BlazBlue so they are familiar with the franchise and its kin, with Entropy Effect making the studio’s debut on PC. There has been no mention of console releases to follow yet. BlazBlue: Entropy Effect is set in a cyber world where everyone is using “ACE”. ACE is something like a full-body VR, turning people into digital robot avatars and allowing them to experience MIND training. Of course, you just happen to have a strange reaction to the MIND training and find yourself falling down a rabbit hole of conspiracy and quirky robot characters in a confusing and out-of-place narrative for the franchise. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve played, read, and watched hours of BlazBlue making me slightly versed in the utter nonsense that the series pushes out as a narrative. But Entropy Effect lost me within seconds and never quite won me back during my time with it. Even after finishing the currently available content of BlazBlue: Entropy Effect, I am struggling to figure out how this has any connection to BlazBlue outside of the cast of playable characters, which to my understanding are just digital avatars and could quite frankly have been anything. The story this game does present offers the usual cyber mystery you would expect from something involving full-body VR and giant corporations. You’ve got all the cliches you could expect. From people hacking into the system to help you, to you being cyber Jesus. It’s entertaining but never really gripped me and I ended up mindlessly skipping at one point just to get back into the action. This could be a “me” issue though as I wanted it to be connected to BlazBlue lore, as the name implied… Gym Simulator 24

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