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Jusant Free Download GAMESPACK.NET I let the tension of my rope catch me like a lover, holding me in place as I rest my arms and legs, which are screaming from the exertion of carrying me up the sheer rock face. Just above me, my last piton creaks as it keeps my weight pinned to the world against gravity’s wishes. Salt wind whipped up from what was once a vast ocean floor stings my cheek. I’ve never felt more safe than I am now. This is Jusant, and it is sublime: an incredible rock climbing game with easy-to-grasp mechanics (pun intended), a forgiving stamina system, no fiddly skill trees or item durability, and a compelling narrative that gently weaves its way through your journey through environmental storytelling and discovery. It isn’t a completely perfect experience, but its meditative simplicity and clean presentation make Jusant a standout game, even this far into a year already packed with memorable releases. Jusant is primarily a climbing game, with elements that put me in mind of 2015’s Grow Home, but it also shares a lot of conceptual DNA with games like The Pathless, Abzu and Journey; exploration-focused titles set in mysterious, broken worlds. You play a young climber carrying an infant “ballast,” a creature akin to a flying whale with the power to restore water to the wastelands that have been dehydrated by a strange, possibly astronomical phenomenon called the “Jusant”. (That’s French for “receding tide,” according to the devs.) As we make our way up the vertical cliff-face that comprises 90% of the mysterious tower at the center of the game’s world, we encounter the last remnants of the different civilizations that called it home, pre-Jusant. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

The climbing itself is simple enough, on paper: use the bottom shoulder buttons on a controller (which the game recommends) to climb and hold onto vertical surfaces, and use the top shoulder buttons to reel your rope in and out. Use the left face button to place a piton, and the right face button to remove it; the bottom face button is to climb onto flat ground from a ledge and jump when you need to. The game feeds all of this to you quickly and easily in its opening level, and then the real challenge begins: how do you combine all of these exceptionally simple actions in such a way that you can effectively climb anywhere you want?  Just Cause 4 Complete Edition


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