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Just Cause 4 Complete Edition Free Download GAMESPACK.NET As a fan of Just Cause 2 I actually enjoyed playing this. It was great to finally be able to explore a more diverse set of biomes again, especially since I was super bored of Medici by the end of JC3. The strongest aspect of the game has to be what they did with the grapple hook tho. All these modifications are just so much fun to f around with. I don’t remember how often I built myself a flying tank to solve a mission objective instead of playing it “the normal way” (Which I guess was the point of the game to begin with). As much fun as I had, it would be unfair not to aknowledge the games short comings though. The guns are alright at best, the missions are often unimaginative and a massive missed opportunity considering what gameplay options you have and the vehicles, especially cars and boats are actually super clunky, which, sure… they always were in Just Cause Games, but this has to be a new low. The story on the other hand is taking itself a bit too serious for what it is. Just Cause 2 was self-aware and a parody of its genre but this game tries to be a bit more dramatic in it’s presentation and falls flat doing so. Luckily Just Cause is one of those games you really don’t play for the story, so it didn’t bother me much. The game is also not well optimized and prone to crash on weaker machines, so if you plan to play this on PC be aware. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

Lots of good weapons and evriroments but ultimately is such a flawed and broken game. The missions are just so awful. Just cause is a game about destruction and you spend most of the time escorting prisoners. The story is abismaly basic and the villain is just so forgettable. A big business guy that I don’t even remember anything else about. There is a great improvement in the tools you can use but there is not any great opportunities to use them in the story. You can use them in really fun ways in the open world feels so broken and basic. It can be really funny but just feels dated, even compared to just cause 3. Shadows Over Loathing


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