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The Escapists 2 Free Download GAMESPACK.NET While I don’t consider myself a “jack of all trades” when it comes to game genres, I do tend to favor certain ones over others and there are a few that I can say I somewhat excel at.  Stealth isn’t one of them.  I can handle games like Metal Gear Solid where if you’re spotted, you just have to fight your way out and wait for everything to calm down.  Then there’s Splinter Cell where if I’m spotted the game just ends (at least the ones I’ve played, which are few and far between).  So how in the world am I expected to break out of prison without anyone noticing me doing it?  I decided to check out The Escapists 2 on the Nintendo Switch and find out. The Escapists 2 is essentially about you taking on the role of a prison inmate who is trying to escape prison. Simple enough, but it’s not quite that simple. The game consists of several different prisons, each with their own layout and methods of escape. While a lot of the game may seem the same (ie. follow the routine and keep up appearances while you plot your escape), it’s not going to be that simple as the further in you get, the more difficult the prisons become to escape. For instance, one prison is actually on a train and unlike in other prisons where you can just wander around freely as long as you keep up the daily routine, here you can’t get spotted by any guards or they’ll come after you. Another prison early on has guard towers and they will gun you down if you’ve already drawn unwanted attention to yourself. You can customize the various inmates down to what they look like and their names, as well as the roster of inmates you can control. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

There are a few different ways to escape from each prison, usually with a hint for each method somewhere you can find. Each method typically requires you to craft a couple of items and there are a ton that you can craft depending on your intelligence level which can be increased by reading in the prison library if it has one. The catch is having to find the correct materials and which items are really necessary or required to escape. You can view each item you can craft, and this is one of my minor nitpicks I have with the game, at least on the Switch. Maybe it’s because of the need to fit everything on the screen for portability, but when you move over an item to craft, while it will show you what you need to craft that item, it’ll also mostly cover up the item you’re crafting. That means you might have to move the cursor a bit more just to see what you can craft with those items. It’s kind of hard to explain without actually seeing it. Jusant


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