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Best Month Ever! Free Download GAMESPACK.NET When I was about six or seven years old, my mom had cancer. It was one of those things where, at the time, I wasn’t truly aware of what was going on. All I knew was that my mom was sick, my grandma was with us from Colombia, and my dad was buying us a lot of toys. My mom would also be with us when she could, not wanting to leave my dad alone with three young boys. Thankfully, she survived the ordeal and everything turned out okay. What that experience taught me is that my parents will literally look death in the eye to make sure their kids are taken care of. It’s something I always think about, especially in relation to how short life can be and how lucky we are to be here. Best Month Ever!, a new point-and-click adventure from the Warsaw Film School Video Game & Film Production Studio, takes the idea of parental sacrifice and our mortality to an interesting place. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

Set in 1969, players are introduced to two characters, Louise and her eight-year-old son Mitch. Narrated by an adult Mitch, it recounts the summer he spent with his mom as she tries to find him somewhere to live before she dies. Diagnosed with cancer before the events of the game, she sets off on a road trip. Played from a 2.5D perspective, most of BME! revolves around interacting with the environment and talking to NPCs. Scenarios will have players looking for key objects to advance, like finding a way to get a door open or getting around a barrier. Players control both Louise and Mitch throughout 12 short chapters that play out like mini-episodes, and each chapter introduces new characters and emotional revelations. Early in the game, Louise leaves her crappy diner job and tells her boss off as she tries to collect money she’s owed. During this sequence, players are introduced to the choice system in BME.  Touken Ranbu Warriors


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