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Beyond a Steel Sky Free Download GAMESPACK.NET Honestly, Beyond doesn’t go out of its way to brush newcomers up on the story so far — instead, after a rather strange comic book-style intro, we are merely dropped into a desert and left to discover old plot points as we move through the narrative. We play as Robert Foster and our main objective is rescuing a child who has been kidnapped and brought to Union City, a mega utopia built in the middle of the desert. Naturally, players can expect many classic sci-fi tropes about a ‘perfect’ society that is not as perfect as it seems. Beyond a Steel Sky is still very much a point-and-click adventure game like its predecessor, with the exception that it’s more controller-friendly. We directly control Robert’s movements, trying to focus the screen on items or people. Then, we can interact with them by examining, talking (or more rarely) using inventory items on them. Interactivity is mostly limited to what’s required for the character progress, which is a bit of a shame. While the initial sequence does hint at classic graphical adventure mechanics — find items, talk to characters, solve puzzles — the rest of the experience follows a new blueprint. At the end of the first scene, a character gives Robert a hacking tool, and most of the puzzles that follow will involve interacting with that tool in order to modify the behavior of various systems we find. For example, making a robot act erratically to distract a guard, or swapping the ‘close’ and ‘open’ functions of a door. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

While some of the solutions are inventive and others lead to funny situations, overall this new philosophy on solving most puzzles gets old pretty fast because of its repetitive nature. As a side note, there is an in-game hint system available for players who get stuck, with a 30 second pause between each hint if one requires one more than one push in the right direction. Gameplay mechanics aside, another change is the new 3D approach to graphics and a sort of ‘open world’ design. In a time when many developers are sticking to the classic 2D formula of old, these are bold choices for sure. However, I’m afraid to say they didn’t really pay off. The world of Beyond feels empty for the most part, with only a few characters ever walking around. There’s no environmental sense of ‘perfect city gone wrong’, which is instead conveyed via the writing. Ironically, this dystopia doesn’t look like a bad place to live  DNF Duel


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