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Stick Em Up Free Download GAMESPACK.NET I’ll admit that I’m biased by my love of Sticheln, but I see the game as a great step forward in the design of trick taking games. Sticheln threw out all of the old rules, becoming one of the first entries in a generation of trick taking games that no longer resembled the public-domain games of the past. One trump suit? Nah… every suit not led is trump. Must follow? Nope… play any card at any time. And let’s vary the number of suits — and the number of cards in a suit — for the number of players. Despite the incredibly simple rules, the game is actually quite deep, and it is difficult to master. Even to those well-versed in trick-taking games, it is a difficult game to get your head around for at least a couple of plays. Trick taking is one of my favorite game mechanics, but I’ll admit that the genre is littered with mediocre games. Trick taking games often suffer from one of two major problems: (1) a feeling of obviousness, or (2) a feeling of chaos. Some tricksters enter auto-pilot mode once you see your cards, as the strategy for playing any given hand seems obvious. Other tricksters seem disorderly, resulting in gameplay that feels random. Great games in this genre avoid both pitfalls, and Sticheln is the master of avoiding them. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

Tery: This game blew my mind the first time I played it. It was hard for me to remember that I didn’t have to follow suit, and it just felt wrong somehow. It was a tense game, and my brain hurt afterwards – but over the next week I couldn’t stop thinking about the game. We played it again, and by the end of that second play I loved it. I am a huge trick taking fan, and it has some unique elements that make it stand out. Our copy is beat up, so I will definitely be purchasing this fresh new edition. Michael W: I’m also a huge fan of Sticheln, and it’s really best at 3 players. It’s great tension between grabbing points when you can and dancing around to make sure you don’t get “stuck” with a big pain card, and of course trying your best to stick the current leader with all the pain cards you can. It’s good with 4 too, but at that point you really should be playing Tichu of course. 🙂   Beyond a Steel Sky


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