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WitchSpring R Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Despite its cheerful, cute, and carefree presentation, WitchSpring R tells a serious story and touches upon the harsh realities of a world run by religious zealots. Long ago, man revered those with magic and treated them as gods. Over time, that reverence grew to envy. Upon discovering the source of their gods’ powers, humanity stole it and destroyed the pantheon before quickly erasing and replacing it with their teachings. Those who survived the slaughter were branded as demons, fated to be hunted down and killed, though a handful survived only to be pursued relentlessly. Pieberry serves as one of those maligned witches, yet as little more than a curious child, she knows not why men in armor seek to kill her. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

The first moments of WitchSpring R introduce the player to what Pieberry does throughout the game. As the threat of knights charging into her forest increases by the day, she needs to continue training, crafting items, and learning new spells to fend off the foes. The Atelier elements arrive early on with a crafting system that allows Pieberry to create bombs, healing salves, and buffing and debuffing items. She can also craft new magic spells as she discovers new books, yet the Training system is the most interesting. The player can choose from ten different types of training, each with a unique minigame associated with it. Each one boosts a stat or a combination of stats, yet each type also contributes to overall Mental or Physical stat growth. Each category governs stats, adds new skills and benefits, and both pair nicely with the overall Battle Level system.

WitchSpring R is a game with a finite amount of experience points. Each battle can provide experience only once, ensuring the player cannot possibly grind or over-level. With the Battle Level system, more combat options become available once Pierberry reaches the next level. This may allow her to summon more pets, wear more accessories, and unlock new skills and abilities. Alongside this system is the Weapon Evolution system, which allows players to choose a path for their weapons and feed items into them to push the weapon toward certain skill trees. Each tree has unique special abilities, some of which are extremely powerful. Each weapon tree offers new abilities that change how battles unfold, leading to a lot of variety in how to approach encounters. Generation Zero


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