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Generation Zero Free Download GAMESPACK.NET I’m gonna go ahead and recommend Generation Zero here to anyone who likes (or wants) a more casual mil-sim stealth game. Especially if you want one that you don’t have to think too hard about. I don’t mean to damn this game with faint praise, it actually did surprise me with how good it is. There were just a few things I didn’t realize going into it. For one, it’s not a survival game. There’s no hunger/temperature meters that you have to worry about. Instead the name of the game is guerilla warfare against an occupying force of killer robots. When you first get introduced to them, you’ll probably find that it’s pretty easy to kill one of them when they’re by themselves (after learning their behaviors and where to shoot). Thing is that these things tend to travel in groups, often different types of robots that behave in different but aggressive ways. So we basically have a perfect premise for a sandbox terminator game. The stealth is simultaneously very forgiving and very brutal, in that enemies seem to have poor eyesight (you can basically lay down in tall grass and become invisible) but are relentless once alerted (some of them will chase you for many kilos before losing track of you). The gunplay is really smooth and satisfying (excellent models/sound as well) and even features multiple ammunition types for each gun, and some attachments. Ammunition is generally pretty rare so you have to make your shots count (which means not aiming at armored parts when possible, or breaking them off with the right ammo). TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

Ammunition has weight, as does everything you carry, but that’s about as hardcore as it gets as far as military simulation is concerned. The game doesn’t keep track of individual magazines and their ammo count, like STALKER or Escape from Tarkov. It’s a lot more laid back than that, and honestly it works. The consequences for dying are basically just travel time/distance since you don’t drop any of your stuff. Also despite being a sandbox style looter shooter, this game actually does have a story and missions that you play through. It’s a light touch, you’re absolutely free to explore and tackle areas at your leisure, but it really added a lot more structure than I’m used to in these kinds of games. It’s all text, recordings, and environmental storytelling, which helps add to the largely atmospheric tone of the game. I also have been playing it by myself, but it is a co-op focused multiplayer game. I can only speak to the singleplayer experience, but I honestly love this game. I can throw on a podcast and sneaky kill some robo dogs. There’s a lot of room for stealth game veterans to flex their skills. I play on the hardest difficulty, and despite describing the stealth as forgiving earlier I can safely say that the enemies are sufficiently oppressive once you get going. Incidentally, I learned after buying the game and DLC that Generation Zero has had a lot of updates since it released. Those updates include some pretty significant quality of life improvements that I was surprised to learn weren’t always there. It also seems like the devs are going to continue to update and add content/story in the future so it seems like I started playing at a good time.  River City Girls 2


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