WAILING HEIGHTS Free Download GAMESPACK.NET The ‘60s have come back to haunt us in Wailing Heights, by Northern Irish indie developer Outsider Games. The undead are up and around and they just hate the living crashing their party. Right from the opening cutscene, featuring a Volkswagen camper van, long floppy hair, Lennon glasses and a tune you can howl along to, it’s clear that we’re in for something a little different. Cast aside your visions of vampires in opera capes and imagine, instead, that Transylvania got with the times, opened a chain of hipster coffee bars and developed a coffin-rocking live music scene. There’s wry humour, ghoulish puns by the bucketload, fab graphic novel-style artwork and a pitch-perfect soundtrack. There may be a few rough edges too, and the plot isn’t as impressive as the setting, but this is a memorable Monster Mash nonetheless. . TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

You play Frances “bite me” Finkelstein, manager of the inspired (and recently expired) ‘60s supergroup The Deadbeats. Lured to a remote location by the promise of work, you’re rudely assaulted and wake up in jail. That seems a bit harsh (seeing as how you’re the victim here) but this is Wailing Heights, refuge of the undead, and they’re not big fans of the living. That’s okay, though: Soul Ghoulman, Public Defender for the Deceased is on your case. He’s only got to deal with a few other cases first. Then get a promotion so he can get access to the Human Rights section in the Law Library. Which means going back to school to get qualified first. Shouldn’t take more than, oh, about 80 years, so why don’t you get comfortable? There’s even tea and mouldy biscuits while you wait. THE DOORS OF TRITHIUS


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