TURBO KID Free Download GAMESPACK.NET The titular Turbo Kid doesn’t live in a particularly idyllic world for cycling around in. Life in The Wasteland is pretty much as dangerous as it gets, with cults, drug addicts, and monsters lurking around every corner. Turbo Kid isn’t planning on sticking around here, but in order to continue on his biking adventure he needs to gather four weapon chips from all corners of this treacherous landscape. It’s a fairly simple setup, but there’s plenty of characters to meet and lore to discover in your adventure, which fans of the movie that the game is set in the same universe as will likely really appreciate. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

Although bike based powers are the star of the show in Turbo Kid, you actually don’t start the game with your trusty ride. Instead you’re sent across the wastes by your new friend Naomi to gather some lost power ups from the pesky bandits that’ve stolen them, who will require a whole lot of blasting to take down. The kid only has a single shot blaster to his name at the start of the game, so careful shots and plenty of ducking behind cover and under thrown projectiles is key in the opening hour. Before long though you’ll have a charge shot and a melee weapon to take down enemies, which as well as making beating up baddies easier, also enables you to access new areas thanks to the types of barricade they can break. As Turbo Kid is a Metroidvania this only continues as you progress, with wall jumps and air dashes waiting which will enable you to access even more hard to reach collectibles and new passages. It’s not anything you haven’t seen before in the genre, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t incredibly satisfying. BARD HARDER!

None of these familiar Metroidvania powers can hold a candle to the joy of riding your bike, which changes the game once you gain access to it. Summonable at any time with the press of the B button, your bike enables you to traverse the sizable map of Turbo Kid at top speed and access new areas by launching yourself up half pipes. This bike isn’t just a glorified boost either, you can do tricks and have full control over your rotation which is required to make it through some tricky sections.


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