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TO THE TOP Free Download GAMESPACK.NET The first tentative steps into the earliest levels only show one simple path, but once you wrap your head around “stare at thing to move towards it” all sorts of options open up. In my playtime I found the first run through a level was for sightseeing and collecting as many geoms as possible, taking in the scenery and enjoying the incredible feeling of harmless vertigo when dangling off a crane hook hundreds of feet in the sky. There’s no fall damage, and the penalty for missing a jump is either landing on a spot with nothing to grab, requiring a manual instant-reset to the last checkpoint, or the game auto-resetting back there by itself. While intellectually you know there’s no harm from falling, though, it’s still easy to look down from the highest areas and feel a bit wobbly. And then jump off anyway, because there’s a platform down there you know you can reach. It’s very important while playing, though, to have a well-defined physical area to do it in. While your disembodied hands have a good reach it’s not infinite, but leaning or stepping forward is a great way to get that little extra distance needed to prevent a fall into the depths. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)


The game features various levels of increasing difficulty, each with different obstacles and challenges to overcome.

The levels extend all around you and you’ll frequently go around corners or turn every which way in the course of navigating them. There’s no Recenter View button so untangling from the headset wire is a regular occurrence, and this is particularly weird when you need to do it gripping a spot hundreds of feet above the ground. The game is forgiving of this, and once you’ve latched on your hand won’t let go until you release the trigger, but I still found myself keeping my hands together and spinning underneath them as if they were locked in a death-grip to the wall. Once you’re in the level the illusion is strong, and the real-world intrusion of a stray cable merely disturbs rather than breaks it. Accidentally punching my monitor or the ceiling was another matter, though. While that’s not the fault of To the Top, the bugs in the game definitely are. Loading a level and being taken to the endless VR plain of Steam VR is pretty weak, but dying because of questionable collision physics broke one of the levels and was deeply annoying on many others. The Giant Robot level starts off like most, with a series of platforms and pads to get through, but you’re going down instead of up. This is because there’s an enormous robot at the bottom waiting for you, and once you start climbing its sides it starts walking. It’s a wonderful moment that lasts right until you don’t quite hit a jump fly into a moving part instead, the screen goes black, and you’ve reset back to the bottom again.

Story-driven campaign with a variety of characters to play as.

Clipping into a wall and back to the checkpoint isn’t fun when it happens on a regular level, and even less so when each attempt at Giant Robot resulted in the same thing happening again and again in different places. The very idea of To the Top is to get to, well, the top of every level. Billed as a take on Mirror’s Edge, the VR jaunt times your runs, but doesn’t really shove it in your face if you do poorly or fail to locate any of the game’s many collectables. It’s mostly concerned with giving you a chill environment in which to roam with a cool but flawed sense of locomotion. There are virtual monkey bars and floating platforms galore, all of which give you a real sense of dread and vertigo as you make your way to the goal. If you’re playing To the Top with motion controllers (and you really should), the concept of using left and right hands to get around is something you can pick up in seconds. You simply grab an object with either hand to hold onto it or climb up a surface. To leap, you only need to hold something with both hands, look in the direction you want to fly, and let go with both hands. Given that consecutive leaps in quick succession fling you further and further, it feels really good when the stars align for an especially brilliant set of obstacles. Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba The Hinokami Chronicles PS5



But there’s a caveat, as there often is with VR games of this nature—you can’t actually move anywhere manually, or where there isn’t a special surface that you can interact with. There’s no analogue stick interaction, no manual jumping, not even a teleportation element. If you’re stuck you need to press the “last checkpoint” button and try again. There’s really no compromise in the vast majority of each stage, so if you go off book, may God have mercy on your soul. TO THE TOP’s levels are all massive in size (you’re working up huge heights after all) and varied in design, with each one featuring more than one route to reach the end. You’ll see plenty of walls, platforms, and floating objects that you need to speed your way across to reach your goal, and whilst one route is typically made obvious, players who take the time to look around them might find a few hidden platforms that’ll get them there a lot quicker. As much as the game pushes you to go as quickly as possible, its design also encourages exploration and experimentation. It makes the whole thing a lot more enjoyable and each run you take through a level can be completely different each time.

Unique art style featuring colorful, stylized environments.

Each level has three different tiers of completion based upon how fast you get through it, whilst there are also plenty of collectibles to find across each one too (some of which are really well hidden or require some insane acrobatic skills to reach). I found myself returning to some levels time and time again just to try and get those fastest times, though sometimes it just takes a bit of experimentation – given the aforementioned level design and how there are multiple routes to take, you’ve often simply just got to play around in a level and see what works out quickest for you. There are over thirty levels to play through too, so you can expect to spend quite a bit of time with TO THE TOP before you master everything. Some of the levels can be incredibly challenging and will require both quick reactions and a mastery of the game’s control schemes before you complete them. There were more than a few occasions where a level would cause me to have a little swearing outburst, but at least it was down to my lacking skills as opposed to the game being too unfair. Demon’s Souls Remake PS5 



A basic color coding system lets you know what elements around the courses you can grab using the triggers on either your Oculus Rift of HTC Vive controllers. By grabbing one of these handholds with both hands and then releasing your grip you will leap in the direction of your gaze. Chaining together leaps lets you move steadily faster as you jump, grab, soar and slide your way to the finish line. That basic loop never really changes and it never really gets old either. The phrase “easy to learn difficult to master” applies well to the controls in To The Top. It never ceases to feel amazing when you pull off an amazing string of jumps and stick the landing at your next checkpoint. That feeling of freedom and exhilaration only increases as you slowly perfect your skills and master even more complex bouts of immersive parkour. This game gives a luxurious opportunity to grab the costume of the super bots and to handle their movement. The implementation of the VR concept to this platforming game has highly enhanced the standard of this game. This game is comprised of 30 unique and different levels. Each level comes with some new environment and challenges. Again, 30 customizable options are also available to unlock.

Platformer-style gameplay with fast-paced action and challenging levels.

Another very good part of this VR platforming game is its visual and graphics. The developers have worked really well with creativity. They have tried their best to enhance the visuals of this game, and the results will be appreciated by most of the gamers. Apart from the story line, a motion pace of “TO THE TOP” is focused with great attention. To sum it up, clarity and quality of this game are brilliant. Apart from the vivid graphics, the audio tracks used in the game are fantastic. When the VR set is on and one of many soundtracks is being played, the feel at that time is really adventurous. While To the Top may be a bit short on polish its sense of movement is fantastic. Once you’ve got the hang of managing your momentum you can practically fly through the levels, springing from point to point like a hypercaffeinated frog. Every level offers something different, whether that be new scenery, air-vortex jump pads, special surfaces that let you skate over them and even one memorable level that gives you jetpack hands. (That particular level made me glad to play at night when nobody was watching so they couldn’t see me with arms pointed back, leaning forward to get just the right angle to skim ahead at top speed.) Deponia Switch NSP


To the Top is a VR game, which means it can be played using a VR headset, offering players an immersive experience.

The multiple routes and hidden challenges make each area highly replayable, and while some levels aren’t quite as good as others, at least they’re different enough so if you don’t like one there’s a complete change of pace coming right up. To the Top is a fantastically creative first-person VR platformer, filled with great challenges and giving the player the tools to handle them if only they can master the techniques. To compensate there are some orb objects scattered about some sections that you can grab with both hands (even if you’re out of reach), and pull yourself to, but those aren’t always available. Levels frequently teeter on the edge of a rush and a chore. When new concepts like ramps are introduced, you can’t help but smile as you experience everything first-hand. But once the game sends you down an unintended path, with multiple failed attempts to actually traverse it, a feeling of pure irritation sets in.

Once you work your way to the real world plot and the idea that you’re in a virtual training academy, To the Top drops all of its pretences that it’s supposed to make sense. It’s a really strange game for a certain type of person—one that can see past its mostly visual flaws and go to town in a fake jungle gym. Outside of the single player experience, TO THE TOP also has a multiplayer component that allows you to take on other players in hectic races ‘to the top’. Whilst it’s primarily designed as a competitive experience, you can actually work together a bit – each player is able to create a floating platform, which when strung together and jumped between can create all new pathways through levels. It’s an intriguing approach that allows gamers to discover all new ways to tackle the obstacles in their way.


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