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Strayed Lights Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Strayed Lights Free Download GAMESPACK.NET Strayed Lights is a stunningly vibrant action platformer with environments and a world that feel as soothing as Journey’s, but with challenging and rewarding Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice-style combat. Developer Embers asks players to control a small creature of light who must find their lost siblings across otherworldly regions corrupted by shadows. Players will grow stronger, more beautiful and gain new abilities as they explore Strayed Light’s vivid environments and battle dark creatures with a simple and fair parrying system. The story of Strayed Lights is told with no dialogue, and Embers manages to craft a compelling tale entirely through environmental storytelling and character actions. After waking up and emerging from a strange pod, players start as a small creature of light who eventually grows into a pseudo-mystical entity that can control firey red and bright blue powers. Fellow siblings of light are waiting to be found, and a mysterious shadowy energy has even corrupted some. Defeating enemies and bosses unlocks new abilities that add depth to Strayed Lights’ combat, and it’s the game’s parrying and color-coded combat that sets it apart from other action titles. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

Strayed Lights Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

The game requires players to solve a variety of puzzles to progress through the levels. These puzzles range in difficulty and require players to think creatively to solve them.

Exploring the lands of Strayed Lights can be a relaxing experience, but corrupted enemies lie in wait throughout the adventure, which should take between seven and nine hours to complete. While players and enemies have standard health bars and attacks, both can use color-coded red/blue attacks. If players can time a parry with the corresponding color of an enemy’s attack, damage is negated, and some health is restored. Any well-timed block still blocks damage, but the many epic bosses will challenge players and switch modes rapidly. With the right timing and color coordination, winning can feel as rewarding as beating From Software’s best Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice bosses, a game that’s combat feels like an inspiration for Strayed Light’s mechanics. Besides the game’s stellar visuals, Strayed Lights’ music accentuates each of the game’s areas with a soundtrack that reflects the mood each area’s creatures are feeling. The atmospheric music can feel tranquil and pleasing or hauntingly mysterious in the game’s shadowy regions illuminated by few rich light sources.


Austin Wintory the Grammy award-winner composer behind one of the PS4’s must-play games, Journey, has worked on the game’s composition, and it meshes well with the already impressive visual cohesion of Strayed Lights. Each area feels more unique with its moody soundtracks while pumping up the excitement during boss battles. Strayed Lights is perfect for players who do not have much time to invest in a game that demands dozens of hours to complete. However, that is also to its detriment. There are a small number of collectibles to discover and a minimal amount of lore that feels like a tease for a world that is so interesting to look at and explore. While each boss is unique and requires different tactics to defeat, generic enemies throughout the map can start to feel repetitive with a lack of varying enemy types. Still, for Embers’ first game, this is an especially impressive showing. Strayed Lights is a visually pleasing game with epic bosses and intense combat that any fan of action-adventure platforming games should check out, even if it’s over before it really manages to create something unmissable. Deep Rock Galactic

Strayed Lights Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Strayed Lights Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Developed by Embers, Strayed Lights is far from being as challenging as any of the classic soulslike like that we all know and love (to hate). If you’re looking for more of a sensorial experience rather than a challenging one, Strayed Lights is the perfect game. In Strayed Lights, you step into the role of a strange creature that can shift their color between orange and blue. This is a fundamental mechanic for the game’s combat, as players must match the color of the enemy and try to parry attacks. Strayed Lights lacks any gore and tries to play the pacifist card by not exactly killing any of the bosses in the game. Also, the most effective means to “kill” an enemy is to time your parries correctly until you can use the ultimate ability to grind them. The game does feature an attack move that you’ll unlock in the first few hours of the game, but it’s less effective than a parry and it’s only meant to be used as a filler when the enemy is not attacking. The objective of every fight is to quickly fill the stagger bar of the enemy by using well-timed parries. Once that’s full, you can automatically kill the enemy by using a special ability.


Boss fights function about the same way, although there are a couple of QTEs (quick time events) that you need to get right before the fight is actually over. Combat is tight and fluid and parry windows are generous enough even for those who lack the reflexes to be soulslike fans. That’s me saying that Strayed Lights isn’t a challenging game and that’s alright if you’re not looking for that kind of experience. Correctly parrying an enemy not only fills the stagger gauge, but also heals you if you took damage. However, if you parry the enemy while in the wrong color, you won’t take damage, but won’t heal. It’s an interesting system that completely removes the need of “health potions” or “estus flasks.” In fact, Strayed Lights does away with just about any kind of loot. Your character doesn’t need weapons, armors or any other accessories to fight the enemies, you are actually the weapon. Enemies are far from being challenging and they quickly become boring due to lack of variety. At least they retain the same moves, so you can get rid of them very fast. Even when you fight multiple enemies, the game doesn’t really pose a challenge if you’re careful. Deep Space Waifu 

Strayed Lights Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

The game world is expansive and filled with secrets to uncover. Players must explore each level thoroughly to find hidden areas and collectibles.

It goes to show that the folks at Embers didn’t really want to gate the difficulty and make their game an enjoyable experience for everyone. The character progression is very basic with just a few abilities to unlock and several other enhancements. You only get ability points after “killing” a boss, but the enhancements can be unlocked once you have absorbed enough energy from the enemies. Even though you can unlock all abilities and switch between them during fights, you have a limited number uses. Killing an enemy replenishes one usage of your abilities, so there’s really no point in not making use of them as often as possible. Fights don’t last long typically, unless those that involve a boss. Story-wise, there’s not much to tell since Strayed Lights offers a non-dialogue based narrative experience, so there’s no voice acting, lore, or any text to read apart from the hints and tutorial tips. The main goal is to soothe creatures like you who succumbed to their emotions and became monsters. As you progress, your character will ascend and unlock new abilities. Ascending means a transition to another biome as well. Strayed Lights puts a lot of effort into conveying emotions through visual and audio stimuli.


As such, the art style is absolutely gorgeous, although I will say that biomes are very empty. The soundtrack is just as outstanding thanks to Grammy award-winning composer Austin Wintory who’s involved in the project. The world of Strayed Lights is truly beautiful, but empty for the most part. There are no secrets to discover, and exploration is only encouraged by the existence of certain rings that will improve the amount of energy you gain. Once you find a certain number of rings, the percentage of energy you gain increases by 5, so it’s worth finding as many as you can, but that’s the only benefit of any exploration endeavors. there’s very little for Strayed Lights to hide behind as a game. Aside from Austin Wintory’s evocative score, the debut title for Stratsbourg-based development studio Embers is about as stripped down as you can get without resorting to Thomas Was Alone levels of sentient geometric shapes. As far as one can tell, the game tells the story of a bipedal creature held together by pure light. They’re ripped apart by an encroaching darkness, and the only thing that can fix them is to traipse through a portal and confront the various hideously mutated entities born of their wayward sparks. Deflector

Strayed Lights Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Strayed Lights Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

There’s no dialogue in the game, and no text outside of menus, just a few neon character models emoting their fluorescent asses off in a purgatorial world. Strayed Lights asks a lot of the player, and while it gives quite a bit back in return, it leaves you with a sense that something is missing that might have turned a largely interesting experience into a compelling one. And that’s mostly a consequence of its one genuinely complex aspect: a combat system that suggests a wicked hybrid of a Souls game, Ikaruga, and Punch-Out. Our hero is able to parry attacks from the game’s nebulous beasts as they wander the landscape for their quarry, but regular attacks only do miniscule damage. A parry while matching the enemy’s color during the moment of attack will do a massive amount of damage. It sounds simple, but that’s where the Ikaruga comparison comes in. It doesn’t take long before the attacks come in swift patterns, requiring you to shift colors on the fly, and while blocking an attack with the opposite color does no damage, the consequence of missing a parry is severe. That’s not to say the game is impossible or unenjoyable.

On the contrary, the parry system is a unique twist, and getting into a rhythm with your enemies makes even low-level fights absolutely thrilling. That feeling reaches its peak during the boss fights, where the light show created by dancing around with gargantuan beasts manipulating the stage in unique ways is dazzling. One particular boss, an angelic figure that’s able to shift in and out of dimensions from violet limbo to green pastures to transparent wireframes on the fly, is a technical marvel. As for the game’s world, it’s big, open, and no less visually striking. Our hero evolves and changes shape over time, even morphing into abstract approximations of mythological heroes along the way. They also show forgiveness and mercy to their nameless prey. But eye candy and a vague gesture toward emotionality ends up being rather thin justification for the amount of work that the game expects from each and every battle across the campaign. There were people who complained about thatgamecompany’s Journey for the opposite reasons. Strayed Lights feels like the other end of the challenge spectrum, a harsh taskmaster that shifts gears from the adrenal panic of its combat to the gentle warmth of its story far too quickly to make it effective.


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