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Thirsty Suitors Free Download GAMESPACK.NET Combat borrows the timing-sensitive prompts from Mario’s RPG adventures, rewarding successful QTE presses with extra damage and stronger blocks. All battles also revolve around Taunts that can put your opponent in a Mood (thirsty, heartless, impressed, raging, shocked), leaving them extra vulnerable to special abilities. When you’re fighting random suitors that Jala’s grandma sent or skateboarding teens who are part of a bear-related cult (told you things get weird), combat is mostly an endurance test between your thumb’s joints and the enemy’s health bar. But the big battles against your exes are where things get super interesting. Certain Taunts won’t work against certain enemies, so talking to your ex and correctly deducing what they’re (un)comfortable with is half the battle. The other half is unpacking the untidy emotional baggage that you left behind for years. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

These encounters are often so entertaining because all the characters are so damn funny, but also because that metamorphosis I mentioned earlier takes place during these psychodrama battles. One ex, for instance, has a gang of crystalized, walking insecurities behind her that hazily echoes a bigoted family. Another buff ex splits into three doppelgangers that represent his contradictory inner selves. Talking and punching your exes makes them come to terms with what’s inside them, but Jala goes through the same changes. And so do you. You see, Jala’s romantic history is messy and tangled. She (allegedly) jumped back and forth between some of the exes, so making peace with the titular suitors isn’t as easy as just apologising or saying something like “this is my first time living life.” How do you repair a relationship that you’ve left shattered? How do you reckon with an ex who ghosted you, who mirrored your own hurtful behaviours? The answers are never tidy, always interesting, and by confronting you with so many varied situations, Thirsty Suitors indirectly asks you to bashfully look back at your own dating history. (Eg: I was planning Jala’s (my) future with the aforementioned buff but clearly unserious ex, before he ghosted her and left town, so I clearly have some unresolved psychic mascots to beat.) Planet Coaster


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