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Planet Coaster Free Download GAMESPACK.NET I play Planet Coaster and Parkitect. Both great games and you should try both of them. Personally, Planet Coaster beats Parkitect by A LOT. The graphics, the challenge, (it is hard because you have to keep staff and guests happy and have to care fr your park. It is so fun. I started Parkitect, played for a few days, then I got Planet Coaster and could NOT stop playing. Every day after school I run to my PC and open Planet Coaster. I play for like 2 hours and just build, go on rides, and work on keeping my park an enjoyable experience for the guests. I love how the guests have happiness, hunger, thirst, tiredness, and need for the bathroom ratings, and have a taste for different rides, so you have to cater to many different ride preferences from really calm to crazy thrill-seekers. Also how the staff can get really tired or really grumpy, and they can quit at any moment. It adds a nice challenge to it, makes it so much better. if it was possible, I’d give Planet Coaster a 10-star rating. I play on low graphics yet the graphics are still amazing.TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

I love how you can go on the rides you build. All of the different scenery, buildings, shops, and ride options make the game so much more enjoyable because you can let your imagination soar to new heights, I like how you have a variety of game-modes (Sandbox, Challenge, Campaign) and DLC packages that you can buy off of Steam to get many more options for scenery and rides, and buildings, etc. Also, it is amazing that you are able to design an avatar that you want, instead of choosing between premade avatars or not getting one at all. There are so many more amazing things about Planet Coaster, but I feel like I have said enough in one review. Thank you, Frontier for creating such an amazing game, that I enjoy so much.Pleasantly surprised by this game, the genre is quite nostalgic for me as I remember playing hours of similar simulation games on PC when I was younger, I distinctly remember playing a similar game on Playstation 2 or 3 (can’t quite remember) and thinking its very hard to play this game at its full potential using a controller. So this stuck with me and I never really looked at these games on a console platform anymore. However this is not the case with Planet Coaster on PS5, seems very well thought out, smooth operating with exciting and engaging simulation. Will also add it helps to have a large TV for this kind of game as there are lots of intricate details that you are always managing or overseeing. I have a 70in Philips TV and it definitely adds to the experience. Top marks Planet Coaster, and PS5, can’t wait to play some more.. thanks!  Into The Flames


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