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The Tenants Free Download GAMESPACK.NET The simulation game, The Tenants, was released last year on early access. Now the game is leaving early access and has entered wide release with a new update to version 1.0. Let’s see what it is about! In The Tenants, you play as an interior designer, a real estate agent, a landlord, and an exterminator, all rolled into one. You have a mighty task in your hands of restoring and furnishing apartments. You’ll also take care of tenants’ worries and complaints and kick them out when they don’t pay their rent on time. At first, you don’t own any apartments. But with your Uncle’s help, a skilled handyman and an in-depth tutorial that takes you through the finer aspects of the job, you’ll soon own your first property. A handy mobile phone will help keep you on top of all the game-related jobs. At its core, The Tenants is a management game; it reminds me of a mix between The Sims and Tycoon games. As a result, the screen can often get filled up with a variety of charts and screens and messages, and it can take some getting used to. The comparison to the Sims comes from the design and decorating features in the game, whereas managing the rent payments and budget is the tycoon aspect of The Tenants. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

Where The Tenants sets itself apart in the financial side of the gameplay, the game’s concept is about as simple as it gets. You play the game to earn capital and invest in more properties to climb the landlord’s social ladder. However, as with real-life financials, it is hardly ever that simple. You’ll start your career with the goal of saving up to fix an old apartment by doing renovation jobs for other city dwellers. In addition, re-decorating a room allows you to earn experience and open up more furniture, wallpaper and flooring to use in your designs. You are also tasked with cleaning up a house or room. Your Uncle will lend a hand to clean up any rubbish left behind in the apartment, and you have the choice to restore or repurpose any furniture. The repurposed furniture can then be used again in the room or kept for later. Cuphead


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The Tenants
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