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Tchia Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Tchia Free Download GAMESPACK.NET How can I convince you to play Tchia? By telling you it has a lush, startling beauty comparable to Sea of Thieves and a more satisfying treasure map sidequest than Red Dead Redemption 2? How about the open world exploration and stronghold invasions of Far Cry 3 but with Breath of the Wild’s glider and a protagonist you’ll actually love? Maybe by telling you the world is full of collectibles and trophies and highly original minigames that all serve a real purpose besides simply making a number on a menu screen go up? Tell you what: I’ll even throw in one of the most enjoyable in-game cameras and photo modes I’ve ever seen, plus a ukulele that can be used to summon creatures, change the weather and time of day, and, oh yeah, play real music. Do we have a deal? I love Tchia. I completed the main story quest in 12 hours, but I’ve played for twice as long just to explore more, complete challenges, collect cosmetics, find secrets, add to my encyclopedia of wildlife, and take photos. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

Tchia Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Players can customize their character’s appearance and outfits, as well as decorate their home island with various items and decorations.

At least four of those hours were spent just following a long series of treasure maps filled with hand-drawn landmarks and other clues, testing my detective skills and knowledge of the world to uncover them all. And I’m not done yet, not by a long shot. Tchia is a little kid living on an archipelago based on the real world South Pacific island of New Caledonia. While beautiful and tropical, Tchia’s island is no paradise. An evil overlord named Meavora has filled the island with creepy, golem-like foot soldiers made of fabric, and a vicious henchman has abducted Tchia’s father. Tchia sets out to free her dad with the help of her newly-discovered power to “soul-jump” into animals and inanimate objects and possess them. For as long as her soul meter is filled, Tchia can control the things she possesses, creatures like birds and dolphins and crabs and objects like oil drums, rocks, and coconuts. When I need to cross the island quickly, I target a bird, soul-jump into it, and then I am the bird.

Allowing you to control them and use their abilities

I flap my wings and glide through the air over the continent. When I’ve arrived at my destination (or my soul meter runs out), I pop out of the bird and I’m Tchia again. The more I do it the more fun it becomes. I can chain my soul-jumps, going from racing through the offshore waves toward the beach as a dolphin, then ejecting myself from the water and possessing a passing seagull to take flight before my feet hit the sand. I’ve been a deer that can thunder across the island much faster than any human, I’ve been dogs (they’re useful to possess when I need to dig something up) and chickens (I can lay an egg, turn back into myself, and pop the egg in my backpack), and even a cow—you can make them poop out explosive turds, good for blowing things up.And it’s not just useful for travel, collecting items, and avoiding a fall. At one point while exploring I found a small opening in the side of a cliff, too small to fit through even when crouching. Tails The Backbone Preludes

Tchia Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Tchia Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

I suddenly remembered I had a crab in my backpack, so I plucked it out, soul-jumped into it, and scuttled sideways through the opening. Once inside I exited the crab and opened a hidden chest. The crab, unfortunately, had skittered away and vanished, and I thought for a moment I was now trapped in this little cave. But there were some small rocks on the ground, so I jumped into one and rolled back out through the gap. Infiltration and exfiltration are a snap when you can possess almost everything you can see. Tchia is a kinetic and capable traveler even when she’s not using magic. She can climb almost anything, from sheer cliff walls to the sides of office buildings to vertical metal pipelines, as long as her stamina holds out. Clamber to the top of a tree, rock it back and forth, and she can use it as a catapult to launch through the air. She has a glider, useful for leaping off cliffs and then popping her chute to serenely drift the last few feet to safety, and she can buttslide down mountainsides at terrific speeds.

Filled with a variety of environments and landscapes to discover

The island quickly becomes a playground for acrobatic travel, and combining all of Tchia’s traversal options and soul powers is the most fun I’ve had exploring an open world for ages. It can be blissfully peaceful or a frantic improvisational scramble to navigate mountains, valleys, and gorges. If that’s not enough, I can also summon a raft at a dozen different docks to explore the ocean around the islands, take in the views, and stop occasionally to dive for pearls or visit some of the tiny islands scattered off the coast. When it comes to combat, it’s all about soul-jumping, though. The fabric monsters inhabit small camps (and later, several sprawling factories) across the islands, and if they spot me they try to tangle me up with weird tendrils of cloth. These cloth golems can only be defeated with flames, so Tchia’s other power, “soul throwing,” is needed. I can zap myself into a gas can or lantern, roll myself around, and then target a bad guy, first lifting my explosive vessel from the ground and then flinging myself at the enemy, popping out as myself again when the explosive detonates. Tales of Arise 

Tchia Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

As you explore the game world, you’ll discover various rewards such as new abilities, musical instruments, and collectibles to enhance your gameplay experience.

Even better, if there are some logs on a nearby fire I can become one and roll myself through a whole pack of baddies, torching them without having to soul-jump into something new. Once I got really good at it I could reduce an entire camp of cloth monsters to ash in seconds without ever slowing down enough to get snared in their fabric traps. Not many adventurers have as much fun gear as Tchia. With her ukulele I can take part in many musical numbers across the islands, sometimes a quiet, sweet song sung at a campfire by a friend, sometimes a boisterous celebration at a village party after a communal feast. Musical notes fly into a radial menu telling me when and what to strum in rhythm-game format, and it’s often quite challenging—but you can also put these songs on autoplay and just enjoy them with no penalty. The ukulele also doubles as a wand to strum the magic spells I’ve acquired, such as conjuring animals (useful if there’s not a bird or a crab around), changing the time of day, and even making it rain or stop raining.

its vibrant art style and music reflecting this influence

I feel spoiled at this point, but Tchia also gets a fantastic in-game camera. You can take standard photos, but also set it on a tripod and use a timer to get yourself into the shot and strike a pose. There are a dozen film stocks to choose from with varying styles, you can play with the zoom and focal length, turn the flash on and off, and most charmingly, it works like cameras used to before digital took over. After you take pictures, you need to develop them at a photolab on the island to see how they came out. It’s got some real throwback satisfaction to it, and my photo album has both a bunch of great photos and several where I goofed a bit, got the framing or focus wrong, or wasn’t quick enough to pose the way I wanted to. Somehow waiting a while to see how your pictures turn out is more fun than just seeing them immediately. I got a big laugh when I saw the only photo I took with the flash on: Tchia, naturally, had blinked, and her eyes were closed. Tales Of Berseria

Tchia Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Tchia Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Over the course of my adventure I grew incredibly fond of Tchia herself—and not just because of her cool gear and amazing traversal skills. She’s a sweet kid, shy with strangers, loyal to friends and family, a friend of animals (you can pet not just the dogs but every single creature in the game), and a lover of good food. Her coming of age story has some relatable awkward moments, plenty of funny encounters (trying and failing to invent a cool secret handshake with a new friend had me laughing throughout), genuinely tragic and disturbing events, and even a bit of sweet and wholesome childhood romance. And they’re brilliant as well. A lot of them are straight up pinched from Breath of the Wild: you can climb any surface or glide from a height as long as your stamina gauge lasts, and, as with Zelda, you can even drag out your stamina when gliding with the occasional judicious plummet.

But there are lovely wrinkles added everywhere. Tchia’s raft requires you to move between setting the sail and using the steering pole thing (I am not much of a mariner), while trees – oh god, the trees here. Climb to the top and you can swing them back and forth and then fling yourself forward into space to get a real boost in speed and distance. It’s how a kid thinks trees work. And hopefully you can see what happens next – fling and then soul jump, fling and then glide, fling and then limpet yourself to a mountain surface and climb! Climb climb climb. It’s a treat. Tchia’s archipelago is quietly designed around these skills of yours. Because you can dive, the seabed is alive with pastel coral and clamshells fat with pearls waiting to be pinched. Because you can fling yourself from one tree to the next, there are forests of all different kinds of density, including some lovely marshy spots. Because you can climb, the islands have a generous spine of humped mountain running through their heartlands, like the ridged backs of sleeping dinosaurs.


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