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Rival Stars Horse Racing: Desktop Edition Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Rival Stars Horse Racing: Desktop Edition Free Download GAMESPACK.NET Play Rival Stars Horse Racing for the ultimate horse racing experience; graphically enhanced for desktop. The promise of prestige awaits in Rival Stars Horse Racing. Care for and train your own stable of horses, breed the perfect champion, and manage a homestead ranch — immerse yourself in different playstyles. Take the reins to feel the thrill and thunder of being a jockey. Race in story mode or online multiplayer in locations inspired by famous race tracks from around the globe. Place virtual bets on races and earn great rewards to invest in your farm’s facilities! Follow in the footsteps of your grandfather and restore your family legacy to become a horse racing legend. After being handed the keys to the family rundown homestead, you’re now in charge—enlist the help of friendly staff, decide when to invest, and upgrade facilities. What will you do with your grandfather’s gift? Rival Stars Horse Racing is a horse racing game developed by New Zealand based company PikPok. The “Desktop Edition” follows the releases of Rival Stars Horse Racing on Android and iOS in 2018 and 2019, as well as a console version of the same game which is sold under the name of Phar Lap Horse Racing Challenge. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

Rival Stars Horse Racing Desktop Edition Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Manage your own stable Build and manage your own stable of horses, including training, feeding, and grooming.

Unlike the mobile game, the console version has not been updated since its release and does not seem to be directly in PikPok’s hand, but under the control of a partner company. Now, the popular horse racing game is coming to PC and Mac, to the delight of anyone preferring a premium experience over a free to play game with in-app purchases – including myself! Can the Desktop Edition of Rival Stars offer the best of both worlds and become one of the rare few quality horse games available on PC? PikPok has been kind enough to send The Mane Quest an advance review key, so here is your chance to find out. The game begins with a very pretty opening cutscene that introduces you to your family‘s nameless farm and horse racing business, fallen into disrepair after a deadly accident on the track. You meet your mentor Francis Kwan, horse trainer Trenton James, and stable manager Sophie Martin, the characters who will function as your guides and questgivers throughout. After the voiced and animated cutscene, the story falls into the shape of text boxes and character images, with the narrative quickly taking a back seat compared to the gameplay itself.

Own a stable of horses, customise their tack, and showcase their trophies

My first persistent impression of said gameplay was how fast paced it is. With some introductory quests and brightly marked buttons to press, you quickly click your way through the game‘s basic mechanics: racing, training, breeding, expanding. While the horse racing is a fully three dimensional experience with its own controls and challenges, everything else happens via the User Interface and clicking, the actual upgrades and level ups happening fast and with satisfying audiovisual feedback, but without any additional mechanics or challenges. The racing aside, this game is very much UI and click based. This will not come as a surprise to anyone familiar with Rival Stars‘ mobile origins, but may not be self explanatory from the Steam page alone. Time and time again on this website, I have reviewed games with horse models and animation anywhere between awful and mediocre, games that lack polish all around because they‘re made as cheaply as possible. I am very happy to see that Rival Stars does not fit into that pattern: The horses look absolutely solid, in their stables, on the racetrack and in the pasture that makes up the main menu. Death Park Switch NSP

Rival Stars Horse Racing Desktop Edition Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Rival Stars Horse Racing Desktop Edition Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

While the racing focus and lack of three dimensional interaction „at home“ means you‘ll rarely see your horses at a walk or trot, their movements are fluid and pretty throughout. A weird detail remains that the horses‘ mouths are constantly open while running. To a layman, any picture of a horse with its mouth open may give the impression that horses just let their jaws drop sometimes, or even that they breathe through their mouth while running. Both of that is false: horses cannot breathe through their mouths. That‘s what their big nostrils are for. Apart from eating, biting or yawning, they sometimes open their jaws to evade bit pressure, but the mouth does not just stay open unless there is a concrete reason for it. This random opening-and-closing that you see in Rival Stars actually detracts from realism rather than adding to it. Some extra praise goes to the foal animations on the other hand: they are utterly adorable, from their first attempts at standing on their feet, to their prancing around on the main menu pasture. They are good and I love them. Aside from the horses themselves, the game’s visuals also remain solid throughout: the environments and racetracks are pretty

Hire caretakers or raise your own foals

The character art serves its purpose in communicating the occasional emotion. The game is nicely polished and provides audiovisual feedback for everything it needs to, which we all know is not often a given in our genre. The heart of the game are the races: every race track that you unlock as you progress has its own nice little intro sequence and races have different lengths and ground attributes. While racing, the player can steer, brake and activate their sprint meter one ‘segment’ at a time. That horses have different preferences for ground consistency, race length and position within the field adds a bit of variety and strategy to your positioning, although the biggest factor in deciding a race’s outcome is your horse’s level and stats. Music and visuals do their part in making the final stretch feel grand and important, and there is probably nothing more satisfying in the game than winning a race in a photo finish after having just pushed past your competitors by timing your sprints well. If you don’t feel like playing out the whole race, you can hire a jockey and watch as a spectator or skip right to the results, which is helpful if you want to have your horses gather experience and safe time on long races. DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR’S

Rival Stars Horse Racing Desktop Edition Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Breed your own champions Breed your horses to create the ultimate racing champion. Race in prestigious events Compete in prestigious races across the world and win big.

A source of unexpected hilarity is found in the races’ commentary: While you can give your horses custom names, there is a huge variety of “commentary friendly” name suggestions. I’ve giggled out loud on more than one occasion when my horses “Raw Egg” and “Moon Moon” were called out in their position on the track. Even randomized opponents’ names will elicit the occasional laugh, thanks to bizarre name combinations. This sort of amusement is perhaps not what I set out to find in this game, but it has proven time and time again to be a source of great amusement, and a factor that makes me look forward to naming my new horses by clicking the randomize button until I get the dumbest name possible.When you’re not on the racetrack, you have a bunch of things to do at home: You have income to collect, horses to train, foals to feed or facilities to upgrade. Your progress is always limited either by gold, by time or by completing story goals. Those story goals often consist of selling specific horses, upgrading specific parts of your farm, or winning specific races.

Equip unique Skills for performance and reward bonuses

The loop of racing – spending – levelling that so ensues is perhaps not particularly deep, but you always know what to do next, and you always have something to do while waiting for a foal to be born or for your next homestead payout to be available. These real time waiting mechanics are a common characteristic of free to play games where the waiting can be skipped with in-app purchases. In a 40$ premium title, they stand out as a remnant of the game’s mobile origins. Foaling time increases by Grade, my latest was 10 minutes. Homestead income is generated every 5 minutes. Foals can be fed every 2-3 minutes for stat bonuses. I personally didn’t find the timing balance egregious enough to be bothered. Your mileage may vary. Apart from the homestead income, all wait times can be skipped with ingame money, which I’ve often found not to be worth the trouble. Breeding new foals from your winners is not only incredibly cute, it’s also your best bet to get into position of higher grade horses, because buying them will likely be out of budget. You can pay for studs or select your own stallions to sire your next champions. Death Trash 

Rival Stars Horse Racing Desktop Edition Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Rival Stars Horse Racing Desktop Edition Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

This joy of this all is somewhat dampened by the fact that stud fees are not available as a source of income, and that breeding a high grade foal costs a lot of money even when coupling two of your own horses. Breeding horses is satisfying and cute, but anyone going into Rival Stars expecting an accurate genetics simulation will be disappointed: your foals will inherit markings and track preferences from parents as well as a rough idea of coat color. But strategic combination of colors according to real life biology is not what you should come to this game for. is not something that particularly bothers me personally – horse genetics are an incredibly complex subject that I still know relatively little about – but may be relevant to anyone interested in the breeding in particular. The passion for horses must be a serious matter. We say it hypothetically, because honestly we don’t have much to do with this area, but looking at the amount of films and video games that deal with the subject, one thinks that such a profitable source of inspiration can draw strength only from truly intense, which deserve great respect.

We are approaching the subject with a total layman’s perspective, but it is with the thought of a subject capable of stirring emotions and dreams that we find ourselves facing Rival Stars Horse Racing in this review . To tell the truth, the game really does a great job of letting any user, even the furthest away from the equine world, enter its complex mixed structure betweenracing, simulation and management , somehow managing to be engaging, beyond what you might think about horse racing. There is also a story behind it: the protagonist is the descendant of a family of jockeys traditionally linked to racing horses, called upon to take over the reins of the family business that has fallen into disgrace to give new glory to the house, victory after victory.It is therefore easy to identify the two main guidelines on which the game action is focused: on the one hand the actual race , with the direct guidance of the horse on the track and on the other hand all the numerous aspects to be taken care of in order to carry on the ranch and ranching of horses. Within this hybrid structure there are a large number of possible actions and elements to keep under control in order to obtain the best results in the race

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