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NASCAR 21 Ignition Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

NASCAR 21 Ignition Free Download GAMESPACK.NET While NASCAR games have never really been known for having a lot of variety, either in gameplay or presentation, I still couldn’t help myself from wanting more out of NASCAR 21 Ignition. It doesn’t do anything particularly wrong, though. In fact, the core racing of Ignition is pretty good. But for the full asking price of $60 it’s a rather bare-bones affair. A small handful of rough edges don’t help things, either. NASCAR 21 Ignition is a chance for a much-needed fresh start for the series. With the long-time developer of the series, 704 Games, no longer at the wheel, Motorsport Games has taken over development on Unreal Engine 4 instead of just hanging back in the publisher role. Given this, and Motorsport Games’ history with the series, you’d think NASCAR 21 Ignition would be the reboot the NASCAR franchise deserves. A fresh new start that might even help getting a new generation interested in NASCAR – something the sport desperately needs. While it brings me no joy to say that this game falls decisively short of that, Ignition is a reasonably competent NASCAR game at the end of the day. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

NASCAR 21 Ignition Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

The game features the official NASCAR license, which means that players can expect to see all of their favorite NASCAR drivers, teams, and tracks in the game.

You have a few different ways to play here. The career, where you practice, qualify, then race through the games many tracks and build up reputation is the meat and potatoes. After you select your team and your contract, you’re literally off to the races, where you can begin practice laps and actually racing. Quick races are also here, and they don’t impact your career so they’re a nice option where you can change the small handful of modifiers and get right into the action with little to no consequences. You also have a multiplayer mode which I wasn’t able to really test out prior to launch. It’s a thin-but-serviceable number of ways to play, for a NASCAR game, anyway. Another mode or two that mixed things up a bit would have gone a long way to making the experience feel a little fuller, but what’s here will likely satisfy NASCAR fans for at least a dozen hours or so. Driving feels good and responsive. It’s not as steep of a learning curve as some newcomers might be bracing for, and can really fall into place quickly given the simplicity of the tracks in NASCAR. It’s not without its nuances though.

New Paint Booth offers unrivalled customization for your paint scheme

The subtle give and take of falling slightly out of alignment with the suggested route putting you just a tad out of sync with your opponents and the many tense moments of deciding whether to go for a pass or play it safe are appropriately touch-and-go. In short, it’s good, despite the slightly annoying crew chief constantly yammering the same few phrases in your ear. Getting in the zone and staying there is easy and fun, it’s almost even a bit too arcadey, as I was able to spin out other drivers with a pit maneuver a little easier than I probably should have been. Not complaining about that though. What I will complain about however is the slightly-more-than-excusable amount of glitching out that the game would suffer from as I tried to start new events. Sometimes it looks like you’re stuck in the seat of a car before heading out to the track, and sometimes it glitches out on the track itself. Neither thing happened enough to be a total deal breaker, but they did break the game multiple times for me and required a hard close and restart. The racing of course, when it does work, changes accordingly based on your preferences with steering tightness, brake assistance, and other things, all of which you can alter on your data pad before each race. Deathloop PS5

NASCAR 21 Ignition Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

NASCAR 21 Ignition Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

There are some more customizations outside of races you can tinker with too, and while their inclusion is functional and appreciated, it still feels like a rather slim set of choices compared to most modern racing games, especially considering you only have three manufacturers to choose from. There are way smaller and cheaper racing games from several years ago that give you more control of and freedom with your vehicle than this game does, and there’s just no getting around how underwhelming it can feel when you’ve only spent about 45 seconds tweaking your car only to discover you’ve reached the end of your options. Customizing the color of various parts of your car is also similarly mediocre – including but not limited to a gloss slider that doesn’t even seem to change the gloss a noticeable amount in either direction. Only being able to change the amount of cloudiness in the sky for custom races is also bafflingly shallow. Menus are all nice and snappy with the most pertinent information being the most immediately visible, and I never felt overwhelmed or lost in NASCAR 21 Ignition’s UI.

Race online with other players for fun or competitively

This is something that a lot of racing games seem to be screwing up lately, leading me to form a bit of a pet peeve about it, but here, the game benefits from its simplicity with concise, easily read menu screens that make navigating around the game nearly effortless. In terms of visual quality, Ignition is acceptable most of the time. If you’re not looking at it too closely, I suspect you’ll rarely notice any real problems. Some texture pop-in and bland looking character models can hold it back a bit, and it can feel like you’re playing a game from several years ago at times, but overall, I didn’t see anything particularly egregious or impressive one way or the other. While I am disappointed with the lack of time-of-day options, the casual sunny or cloudy day weather does look good in the game and compliments the cars, signs, and fence posts just fine as they whiz past you. Shadows of fences and other barriers look realistically cast onto the track. Some blatantly reused assets seem a bit lazy, though. For instance, handing the data pad to the same Jeff Bezos clone before every race regardless of what team I’m on or where I’m at in my career just felt sillier and sillier the more it happened. Death in the Water 2 

NASCAR 21 Ignition Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Players can customize their cars with a wide range of paint schemes, decals, and other cosmetic options.

Sound design is pretty solid here for the most part. From the roars of each car to the good ‘ol boy country music and classic rock accompanying the menus, you could fire up Ignition with your eyes closed and still have no doubt that you’re about to play a NASCAR game. Playing races in first person is also a great way to take in the sounds of the races, as cars coming up on your right or left is subtly telegraphed by the sound separation. A little more space between the handful of phrases that the crew chief insists on constantly spouting off would have been better for preserving the simulation, but overall, the sound is mostly nice here. If you haven’t picked up on it yet, the basic theme of my experience with NASCAR 21 Ignition is that it seems to float around between good and mediocre – but mostly stays in good territory when it’s not having a graphical aneurysm. The only big common denominator that ever really bothered me is the bare-bones nature of it all. There’s not much customization options, race modifiers, or racing modes. Even for NASCAR, it just feels a bit too simple too often.

True to life vehicle physics and handling with a suite of driver assists available

Handling of a car in-game is something that I have a major interest in. If you’re able to really feel the difference between car types, horsepower, tire wear, etc… then that is something great that you have accomplished. With ‘Ignition’ though it misses that mark. Sure, stock cars don’t handle that well, to begin with. Putting 500-750hp into a two-ton piece of steel and expecting it to stop and turn on a dime isn’t really easy. That being said, these cars were a challenge on the controller. I found myself constantly fighting the balance of making the car loose or tight. I mostly went tight as to just not loop the car as I got near traffic, got near the wall, or just kind of look at the screen in a funny way. On superspeedways like Daytona or Talladega, if I made the slightest bit of a right turn I’d lose the car and slam the wall. Road-course racing was a bit more bearable and functioning and honestly kinda fun. I might just be too aware of the high-end PS5 controller, but I really struggled with this and found it frustrating. I had knocked the assists off as well because I also found those overbearing, but had to turn them BACK on in some capacity just to feel comfortable with the car. Death Park Switch NSP

NASCAR 21 Ignition Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

NASCAR 21 Ignition Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

I want to note that I do have a sim wheel (Logitech G29) but I chose not to use this for the review as I wanted it to be fully for the console gamer experience. Overall, the handling and feel of the cars aren’t ideal by any means. Career mode does add some positives though. You’re thrust into the NASCAR drivers world as you have a select amount of contracts like Gaunt Bros, RCR, RWR, and a select amount of others. As you move through the season, you build and gain a reputation as you race. All the while, you’re also trying to make your team’s goals. This varies from ‘make the playoffs’ to ‘just trying to make as many laps as possible.’ There is also the fact that if someone retires from the series, they will be replaced by current Xfinity Series drivers. This is something that I really enjoy as it adds to that realism of drivers retiring and filling in for others. It again brings me back to Thunder 2004 and the driver retirements from that career mode. The career mode is really cool and well built, but again the actual gameplay is what hinders the fun of that. Couple that with no current gen features or enhancements, and it ends up being a fairly hard sell for its full price of 60 bucks.

The most hardcore NASCAR fans among us will probably still get some enjoyment out of it, and it’s saving grace – the racing itself – is undeniably adequate. For many, that might very well be enough. But in terms of just about everything else, it’s a bit of a snooze. Now to something that I think we are all really pumped about, the Paint Booth. This was a huge redeeming factor for the game. While I am not the best at creating and designing, this is a great paint booth to create. It brings back a feel from the NASCAR 15 and Inside Line paint schemes. This really makes me happy as there have been such amazing designs to come from this booth. The number of sponsor decals, number fonts, and design possibilities really make for a great time. If you want to see other designs, just search them on Twitter. Some folks in the NASCAR creative community have made some amazing stuff. ‘NASCAR 21: Ignition’ is a new start for the brand. We need to remember that. That being said, this is a very disappointing launch for a game. The overall gameplay lacks in many ways, the AI is incompetent at times and struggles to understand, there are some larger glitches that can easily take you out of the game and ruin the experience as well.


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