RETCHID Free Download GAMESPACK.NET As a doom 3 fan I appreciate the look of this game. It plays and runs great for me. But the fun factor just isn’t there. Enemies constantly bum rush you or take pot shots at you from out of nowhere. You never have any health or armor. I’m constantly replaying the same section over and over again just to progress. To me this is not normal difficulty as stated. There’s fair hard and then there’s this. I believe I just started the third level and will continue to play until the frustration becomes too much. I feel this would be a really good game if you just toned down the damage taken and continued to work on the enemy AI. Or even just add an easy difficulty. Not every game has to be brutally hard this day and age. I really wish that fad would just die already. Doom 3 was not really a hard game at all on normal difficulty. And as a game so heavily influenced by that as this game is I don’t even get the high difficulty level. All this being said I do really appreciate this game and look forward to seeing it grow and change in the future. If you love games like System Shock, Dead Space, Doom 3, or any number of other spooky sci-fi adventures, this is a must-play! The atmosphere is moody in all the right ways, combat feels juicy and satisfying, and the aesthetic is very pleasing to the eye. It somehow makes the unique (and glossy) visual quirks often found in Unreal Engine games work to its advantage. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

There isn’t a ton of enemy variety as of yet, but you’ll still face off against some pretty cool critters along the way. The game performs very well and you shouldn’t encounter many bugs at all. I don’t recall encountering a single signature Unreal Engine stutter. Once you get comfortable with the game, I advise you try going full boomer shooter on some fools; swapping weapons, using your alternate fires, and lobbing grenades at high speed. It’s a ton of fun, and I’m glad the game can be played in a both a slow and careful manner or full send guns blazing. It’s enjoyable either way. You will have to find some cover when the guys with machine guns are trying to riddle you with bullets though. They’re quite punishing if you get caught out. As of this review, only Episode 1 of 3 is released, but you’ll still get plenty of play time out of it. I clocked in at around 6 hours to finish all 7 levels. There’s collectibles to look out for too so there’s a reason why you might want to replay it. BISHOJO BATTLEFIELD

Retchid is an intriguing, expansive, and thus far inviting sci-fi horror shooter in the vein of Doom 3 and Dead Space. While still rough in places, with some AI issues and graphical misandry, what’s here is a deeply promising opening that knows how to create tension and interesting moments of terror. My biggest concern at the moment is that pathfinding can be very difficult at times, and that the game is sometimes much too dark for its own good. Would love to see the game implement a map function in the PDA, or include a flashlight. There definitely needs to be a brightness scaler in the settings, however. That said, Retchid is the kind of sci-fi horror that I love to eat up, and the finale of episode 1 is enough to hype me for more. Recommended with understanding that this is still in need of some work.


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