AVALOM ANCESTRAL HEROES Free Download GAMESPACK.NET Giving a final review update after extensive time and hours playing the game..the old original first earlier impressions will be listed below the latest updated info (this will be long but should help give extensive information to people).. Latest update after many hours playing through the game and starting more than one character as well (this should help people wondering if the game has longevity and replayability).. – So after much more time with the game I can say without a doubt this game is definitely worth the money and is very cool. The amount of game play here for less than $20 is insane and I have personally not seen any other steam indie game in this genre that is less than $20 with this much content in it. At first the full possibilities are not clear and the game may seem a little sparse because it does not have a triple A budget, but as you play the game more you will see many interesting things open up and see the uniqueness of the game world and variety and depth to the combat and character skills/builds. The game is also cool because the entire main game world is open from the start (no loading screens either..it’s all seamless)..and unlike some other games where the enemies scale to your level..this game is not like that..it is more old school..meaning more realistic. You might wander into an area that is WAY out of your league with enemies that are very strong and could kill you fast..but that is OK..you can explore somewhere else and then always come back to that area later when you are stronger and better prepared. I like this. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

Another cool aspect is there is quite some variety in character possibilities..again it is not obvious at first..but you will see as you create your character that there are 3 different levels of things that can be combined and mixed and matched to create a unique build – you have character race, your “path”, and your “profession” – so there are a large number of various combinations. The best part however..is the character building is in some ways similar to a game like dark souls in that your starting build does NOT lock you out of any skills or equipment later..it is just the template. As you level up you are free to explore the skill tree however you want and develop to use any weapons or equipment you might want to also..so even more possibilities. Also there are many non-combat skills that are used in dice rolls which is a cool PnP vibe added in too like old D&D..so skill checks to see traps or stealth, or when buying items etc… RETCHID


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