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Pumpkin Jack Free Download GAMESPACK.NET Pretty impressive game to say the least. Just a sit back and chug along ride just for the sake of playing, love the atmosphere. This dude knows his stuff, if this becomes a success I would love for him to do more holiday inspired games in this style format like maybe do a sequel and call it Christmas Carol with a female antagonist in the same spooky atmosphere but in the snow or a Valentine’s or St Patrick theme with like Romeo or a Leprechaun. I’ve been enjoying the recent 3D platformer resurgence. I’ve been following this since I first saw it back in February or so on Reddit. It looks like a fun time, and I’m glad the developer was able to get it out before Halloween. It’s $29.99 with a 20% launch discount across all platforms, and it’s an eight hour game according to Destructoid. To me that’s a fair price for the length, especially when you consider how many full priced fifth and sixth generation 3D platformers came in well under that time. There’s still lots to look forward to for 3D platformer fans. There’s Sackboy: A Big Adventure next month, and Clive ‘N’ Wrench and Balan Wonderworld in Q1 2021. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

Edit: Looks like Pumpkin Jack isn’t coming out for PS4 until later on. Can’t find any information as to when that might be. Just an FYI for people who were planning to buy it on there. The best score I’d expect for something of that visual scope made by one dude. My assumption looking at it was “okay, this guy is a great 3d artist and animator, which makes it super unlikely he’s also a perfect designer or programmer.” As much as the “one man dev” is a beautiful narrative, I can say as someone working in larger teams, once you jump to 3d, it turns into an ENORMOUS amount of work. I’m really pleasantly surprised by these review scores. I thought it looked awesome when I first saw it but you never really know when it comes to these super low budget, solo dev games. This is exactly the sort of game I’ve been looking for lately: something with a fun Halloween vibe.


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Pumpkin Jack
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