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Fallen Aces Free Download GAMESPACK.NET New Blood Interactive’s pulp detective immersive sim Fallen Aces is out right now, but the price of the slapstick noir caper might be just as newsworthy: with its intro price and launch discount, Fallen Aces will only set you back $10, and after playing the first two of five levels in its intro episode, I think it’s well worth that price. PCG news lead Andy Chalk once said Fallen Aces looked like Condemned: Criminal Origins crossed with Dick Tracy comics, and he was right on the money. The ’30s pop art and vibe in the levels is impeccable, but the real knockout is the Max Payne-style comic book cutscenes. It’s really well-acted too⁠—I think this is the most voicework New Blood has put into one of its games to date⁠—and the classico noir characters have already won me over. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

My secret wish was that Fallen Aces would scratch my Dark Messiah of Might and Magic itch that so rarely gets satisfied⁠—Arkane’s sophomore outing was special because instead of having you crouch walk around moody and atmospheric environments, it took all that immersive sim depth and put it toward slapstick hijinks like kicking enemies into non-OSHA compliant bottomless pits or leaving icy surfaces for them to slip and slide across. And Fallen Aces is nailing that and then some. The levels, for a start, are fantastic, really nailing that Thief or Dishonored sense of “This is a real place, and it also just keeps going and going.” The first mission features a multi-level apartment building and the surrounding few city blocks for you to explore, including a comic book store with a secret and a donut shop showdown. The second, meanwhile, feels like an homage to Thief 2’s Shipping and Receiving, with an open-ended dockyard split in two sections by a raised drawbridge. Pumpkin Jack


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