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Prison Simulator Free Download GAMESPACK.NET Every day is structured in a work, free time, work, clock out setup after a while, and there are rarely any time limits. The jobs are pre-set early on and felt random after a few hours in-game. Morning roll call sees lots of fist fights, the workshop has inmates doing woodwork to make you and the prison money, and yard time tends to become an all-out fire-filled brawl at times. On the free time side, you can work out to build stats, go to the shooting range to ease your murderous feelings, or find a chair to sit in and take a nap. I mainly played through the “campaign” mode but there is a free play system as well if you want to just muck around without any worries. There is a decent amount of variety in the gameplay in Prison Simulator, the issue is that none of it feels or looks good on console. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

Prison Simulator begins with you creating the prisoners you’ll be watching over. You can choose names, and likenesses, and go through various (and deeply disturbing) backstories for 15 prisoners in your main block. There isn’t much variety but being able to section them into different gangs as you see fit was a cool touch. I did find the “in for possessing CP” or “r*pe and murder” backstories surprisingly grim for this type of game. It’s accurate, but woof. Prisoners will have various passive stats like aggression, and most have at least one mortal enemy among the population. Your first few weeks of short in-game days are a series of tutorials.

From taking roll call to checking inmates’ incoming deliveries from the outside world, you will be tasked with finding a way to make both the inmates and your fellow guards happy. There is a set of eyes down below at all times, one for guards and one for inmates. Want to make a prisoner happy? Let him keep a piece of contraband, but make sure none of your fellow guards can see or they’ll lose RESPECT. Respect is the main thing early on, but you’ll need a budget to properly build up your new prison. The warden allows you access to his personal computer, from which you can slowly unlock items and customize the look of the prison. Getting new gym equipment makes the inmates happy and allows you to spend your free time each day building up your various stats.  Signal Simulator


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