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Astria Ascending Free Download GAMESPACK.NET On paper, Astria Ascending has all of the necessary ingredients to join this luscious list. Legendary Final Fantasy scribe Kazushige Nojima contributes his literary talents! Famously atmospheric composer Hitoshi Sakimoto is on board for the soundtrack! The 2D visuals are brimming with style! But ingredients alone cannot bake a cake. After spending over 50 hours with developer Artisan Studios’ talent-packed title, I cannot say I’m satisfied. Astria Ascending’s presentation is its greatest strength. It’s difficult not to draw immediate comparisons to Vanillaware fare like Dragon’s Crown — which is no small compliment in an age when so many JRPG publishers are pushing for vast 3D worlds and missing the mark on one technical level or another. Everywhere you turn, you’re bound to see something pretty popping out of the background like a polished gem. This dedication to detail gives the game’s diverse biomes the edge they need so as not to overstay their welcome because it is no exaggeration to say you’ll be seeing the same zones again and again by journey’s end. The first qualitative red flag I encountered occurred just moments into my time with Astria Ascending. As I ventured as far to the right of an area as I could — and we all know that moving from left to right is the most basic of 2D gaming basics — I was abruptly met by a warning that I could not progress because the following spot was too dangerous. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

Perhaps this is a good time to discuss the game’s narrative hook; it flies in the face of that warning and the plethora of similarly forced stopgaps throughout the campaign. You have full control of all eight playable characters from the game’s onset, each of whom is a veteran of many conflicts as they near the sad end to their three-year stint as heroes. (At the closing of their third year as “demi-gods,” they’re fated to kick the bucket. It’s a whole thing.) These are canonically capable warriors. Being told they’re blocked off from dangerous spaces makes about as much sense as Aragorn and friends opting not to take to the field in Return of the King because some random Minas Tirith NPC tells them they could get hurt. Of course, sooner or later either the main plot or some scattered sidequest will come along and open the path to these places, at which point you’ll likely find yourself at the beginning of a dungeon. These dungeons will invariably include light platforming aspects, but there are no challenging jumps to be made nor particularly head-scratching puzzles to be solved. Once you’ve finished mopping up monsters and watched a cutscene or two, you’ll be back outside the dungeon in one of the several zones linking together the game’s cities. In all likelihood, your quest will then bring you back to one of those cities, upon which a chunk of inane dialogue will play out propelling you forward to your next destination.  Prison Simulator


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