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Potion Tycoon Free Download GAMESPACK.NET When Fallout Shelter first came out, it was a fun little diversion which became incredibly popular. So, of course, it spawned a bunch of imitators. And while Potion Tycoon might claim to be a tycoon-style business builder, it’s got a lot of Fallout Shelter in its DNA. Unfortunately, it’s a mutation which isn’t exactly viable. Potion Tycoon has players starting their own alchemy workshop and potion sales storefront, with the goal of being the best little potion shop in the kingdom. You’ll obtain herbs and mushrooms, put together production processes, craft potions, and bottle them for use by city guards, court wizards, and the odd “second story man” from the local thieves’ guild. Meanwhile, important personages will get in contact with you periodically, whether it’s a potential patron placing special orders to be fulfilled, vendors offering new supplies, or one of your competitors rubbing your nose in your inferiority. As you gain money, you’ll need to build more sales floor space, more room for your staff, more room for processing equipment, and the means to research and market your products. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

Potion Tycoon Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Allow players to create their own potions using a variety of ingredients with different effects and rarities.

All of this pre-supposes that you’ll be getting sufficient money to do anything to realistically grow the business, however. I know, normally, I build up to the gameplay, but this time it’s got to be front and center. Why? Because in the many, many years I’ve spent playing games, I’ve never had a tutorial set out to screw you over from the start as badly as Potion Tycoon. The tutorial offers to help you out, jumpstarting the business with a pre-fab shop and production area. That first step of laying out the building isn’t the awful part. It’s everything that comes after, and the tutorial basically leads you down the garden path to financial ruin. You start off with a couple of random seeds and spores, along with a little pre-grown stock, which you use to make potions. If you’re lucky, you can make a potion which does not require any special processing such as blanching, pickling, or crushing. The process of potion development practically requires you process your materials further, because your first potion is likely to be crap. Cheap, less than effective, and easily outsold by the established competitors you never get to see unless they’re mocking you.


But hey, you still have money, right? Just buy all the things you need to make new potions. New equipment, research desks to research new equipment, marketing desks to come up with new ads. Oh, and staff. You have to hire staff. Or improve your staff to the point they can actually run things. Which all costs money. If you’re short of funds, you can always get a loan. But this is the way to failure and ruin. Because across multiple playthroughs, I never once made enough to pay off even the first loan, let alone the three or four that followed. But the cheerful bastard in the top hat doing the tutorial thing doesn’t mention any of that. Of course, there’s a lot of things he doesn’t mention. Like the fact you can resize rooms you build to lower costs (not that it matters in the end). Or the fact you can “hire” staff but they’ll never show up because you don’t have enough bunkhouses (and it’s never clear what your staff cap is like). Or how rooms can be designated as “research” or “production” just by putting stuff in place, but apparently “storage” isn’t really an option (you can create pallets for storage, but it doesn’t alter the room designation). Far Cry 3

Potion Tycoon Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Potion Tycoon Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Or that you’re capped at a certain number of loans (it literally will not let you take out any more, so if you’re short of funds, you’re eventually screwed). The tutorial does mention “room requirements” and how things like your production equipment lowers it while decor items like lanterns or special pieces like cleansing crystals improve it. But it’s irritating as hell to watch employees standing around and having a meltdown in the storage room because you haven’t improved the decor or there’s not enough in there to improve the requirement so they’ll actually do their goddamned jobs. The information presented is never the information that you actually need, or can make use of, and it’s utterly aggravating. Approaching any sort of breakeven status seems to require a “rubber hose” approach, and you’re going to screw up a lot of times before you stumble into it. The only slightly entertaining mechanic is the potion development, and even that gets the joy sucked out of it by the demands of the business. Compared to the myriad sins and failings of the gameplay, the shortcomings in the audio department of Potion Tycoon seem almost quaint by comparison.


You’re given the same medley piece on a loop, over and over, and it doesn’t quite fade into the background, but it also doesn’t actively assault your ears. It’s a decidedly middling piece all around. Sound effects are pretty basic, though at least nicely implemented. The great problem is that there’s just not a lot there. About the only bright spot in Potion Tycoon is the visuals, and even that’s underwhelming. Relying on a style which calls to mind a more whimsical version of Darkest Dungeon, your staff and customers mill about rather colorfully despite the seemingly eternal night outside your drab walls. All of the items you have available to add definitely bring a sense of personality to the various areas of the shop. Your competitors and potential patrons are easily recognizable when they send you messages. But it’s hard to properly enjoy the visual elements when everything else is just so excruciating. I’m sure there’s somebody out there who might enjoy Potion Tycoon. I just can’t easily imagine who that person might be. It would have to be somebody who enjoys opaque systems, punishing mechanics, and a propensity for burning through cash without any regard to basic profitability. FAR CRY 3 – BLOOD DRAGON

Potion Tycoon Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Players must manage their own potion shop, including setting prices, managing inventory, and attracting customers.

There’s clearly a fun premise hidden here, but it’s buried so deep not even a universal solvent could get to it. Every seasoned gamer would feel that there’s a tycoon for just about everything now and find that any new title with that label is scraping the bottom of the barrel for ideas. That’s precisely the case with Potion Tycoon, which gives the impression that a concept found as a minigame in many fantasy titles has been stretched into a full-blown offering. You can immediately guess what Potion Tycoon is about; it’s a management simulator based on potion-making. It’s that already established assumptions about this tycoon game that’s surrounding us with unenthusiastic vibes around the game. However, I, like others, am always open to being pleasantly surprised by sandbox simulation games such as these. Let’s see if Potion Tycoon will spark any magic. My Potion Brings All the Heroes to the Yard The concept for Potion Tycoon is abundantly clear without pressing a key in the game. You’ll be a potion master running a magic shop, catering to all the heroes you usually play as in your favorite fantasy RPG titles.


Someone must keep the factory lines rolling while those protagonists are on adventures, right? Your job is to create potions they want to buy, build on your successes, and expand your potion store. Players will start from a charming little boutique, expanding into a full-blown factory as every adventurer begins to take notice of the potent effects of your potions. If your concoctions are good enough, soon you’ll have a magic business empire! But the real question is getting to that elite status any fun? There will have to be a lot of grinding involved to get there. First, what’s most respectable about the game is the hand-drawn visuals providing a medieval gothic charm. But the title is a slog when it comes down to the core mechanics of Potion Tycoon. The developers took the most menial parts of RPG minigames. They threaded them together to create the most fierce possible grind to success. Perhaps players enjoy that farming lifestyle, but experimenting, creating, and convincing patrons with potions gets old quickly. The lack of direction, automated processes, and flurry of disconnected dialogue make it tricky to progress your store. Far Cry 4

Potion Tycoon Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Potion Tycoon Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

There aren’t many points of a playthrough where you feel immersed in the magic business world, which should be the game’s primary aim. However, if statistics and management are your things, there could be an angle that gets you more engrossed than a casual player. Missing Ingredients Potion Tycoon is not a poor experience, but it feels relatively flat, given the otherworldly theme integrated into the title. Every gameplay element feels like a rigged grind, where any ambition to succeed eventually becomes overwhelmed by the intricacies and erratic operational expectations. If you compare it to other management games, it’s no Prison Architect, but we’ve seen worse tycoons. With that being said, just because I love this game doesn’t mean that it is a great game for everyone. This has a strong goth atmosphere and elements in the game. If that bothers you, I suggest that you look elsewhere. Example masks, coffins, mummies, necromancy potions etc. There are some really dark elements to this game so be warned. This is a shop management game. You are managing a shop. This includes managing workers, inventory, marketing, resources, decorations.

This isn’t a game similar to Recettear or to Potionomics. Those were more RPG with haggling minigames. This is hardcore on the shop mechanics. You aren’t going to haggle with your customers. You will be setting the price when you make the potion, but you have to convince customers to come into the door. You have to convince your customers to purchase the potions that you sell. You have to make the potions. This isn’t a cutsy game where you are having light-hearted conversations with key people in town. The crafting element in this game is extremely fun, there isn’t as much depth to the options for making the potions as there is with Potion Craft, what I mean by that is in Potion craft you can get a number of different herbs, mushrooms and there are somewhat endless combinations to make the different potions. The crafting in this game has only a certain number of combinations that will produce the potion you are looking for. You can play around with different combos, but only some of them will actually produce a useful potion. –Just to be clear you can spend hours making the many different potions and customizing the appearance of the potions.


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