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Mirror’s Edge Free Download GAMESPACK.NET Mirror’s Edge, the game looks and feels comfortable and pleasing to the eye and sets such a paced and fluid tone that is catchy from the very beginning. It’s use of it’s surroundings are sublime and smart and the story is so sharp and engaging. Right from the start the story begins to build itself nicely and carries on at a steady understandable pace that leads the player to think for himself or herself what will happen next, what is the outcome of this scenario. The story is a touch generic but has a lot of surprises and twists along the way. The Gameplay is really good, simple, easy and fluid when done correctly. As a player you have to make use of your surroundings and get around through them since it’s a parkour game, there are a few weapons that you can’t buy but can take off the guards and the fact you can use them is great and shows they considered that element and part well and executed it simply and swiftly. The way Faith, the protagonist, moves and gets around is well constructed for the game and is suitable for what Electronic Arts are aiming for. The game’s surroundings and environment are breath taking and so beautiful, each area is different and varies in layout and style and when doing parkour you sorta have to look around and see what the best way is to get around to the place I need to get to. .  . TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

The game has a simple and gentle soundtrack that perfectly matches the soft and elegant feel of the game, that heads in the clouds feeling sort of. Mirror’s Edge has a re-playable training system that allows you to sharpen up on your skills and parkour preferences which is very handy. The game is very lengthy and will take quite a while to finish. The characters are very unique and different and they add quite a bit to the story, the game has a nice design code that sets it apart from other games from 2008 and in it’s class. Mirror’s Edge has few bugs and issues which means the game is playable most of the time. This game provides a smooth and elegant parkour experience that will leave you amazed. The game balances thoughtful parkour and intense combat, sometimes at the same time, which provides an intense, but not exhausting experience. Graveyard Keeper


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