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Graveyard Keeper Free Download GAMESPACK.NET I did it. It’s finally done. I’ve passed the “everything that counts” progression threshold in Graveyard Keeper, and I even caught 200 fish for a silly trophy. Now I can confidently, satisfyingly delete the game from my PS4 and never look back — unless they rope me in with another story-based expansion, which I could absolutely be convinced to play. Graveyard Keeper turned three years old this month, and coincidentally, I’ve been playing an unholy amount of it lately. This is a crafting game through and through, one that’s full of boring-yet-relaxing busywork every conceivable step of the way. You, uh… you in? It is a no-joke *grind*. If you’re okay with that — if you can stick with a multi-month game that’s meant to be chipped away at, not brute-forced — there’s a lot to like about it. There’s also a lot to dislike, depending on your tastes, your willingness to always play with a wiki by your side, and your tolerance for, let’s be real, blatant padding. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

Graveyard Keeper has and will continue to be likened to Stardew Valley, but it’s such a different experience, even if there is clear conceptual and mechanical overlap. This is more of an RPG in terms of convoluted technology trees and XP to painstakingly earn. Sure, there’s a farm, and fishing, and a bit of sword-swinging combat in a cordoned-off dungeon, but you aren’t out to whoo any of the locals with their favorite gifts each week, and the story is more expansive, and far more out-there. Also, you carve up corpses, supply a snack stand for witch-burning audiences, and run a sketchy for-profit church. There is a surprisingly twisted (and quirky!) story to slooowly uncover that truly goes places you wouldn’t expect, doubly so with the lore-expanding Stranger Sins and Game of Crone DLC that fill in some gaps that maybe shouldn’t have been there in the first place.  Cricket 22


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