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Mirror of Heaven Free Download GAMESPACK.NET Though I’m not usually a fan of religious-themed entertainment, I willingly picked up Heaven’s Hope as it looked to have more of a fantasy bent, and I’m very glad I did. When the angel Talorel gets forcibly pushed out of Heaven by a jealous rival, he crash-lands on earth and proceeds to wreak accidental havoc in his attempt to get back home. The result is a fun point-and-click romp through gorgeous hand-painted scenery, though it’s not without some rough edges that keep it from fully soaring. The plot of Heaven’s Hope picks up after Talorel arrives on earth, with just a quick cutscene showing how he was maliciously shoved through the barrier by a fellow angel. Unfortunately, Talorel is completely clueless about life in the human realm, as well as basic concepts such as space, time and matter, and both his halo and wings were burned in the fall. So what’s an angel to do? Luckily, Talorel still has a little angelic ability, as well as the assistance of his two best friends, Azael and Salome, fellow angels who keep him company (from above) and offer advice throughout his adventure. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

Talorel lands next to the town of Heaven’s Hope, which is undergoing a vicious revival of the Inquisition by the overzealous nun, Greta. As the fallen angel makes friends with the town’s resident mad scientist, Bloomford, he inadvertently gets wrapped up in the midst of Greta’s Inquisition in his quest to build a flying machine to get back to Heaven. Slightly outlandish but always entertaining, the game manages to establish an off-kilter world with a story that can’t help but be charming. And while some of the humor misses the mark, perhaps lost somewhere in translation from its original German, the overall game is quite amusing, particularly the unexpected references to things like Monty Python and Sesame Street.  SGS OVERLOR


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