DEPTHS OF SANITY Free Download GAMESPACK.NET I’m a fanatic for Metroidvanias. Don’t ask me why, I’m just drawn to them time after time. But I hadn’t really played one like Depths of Sanity before. This game eschews a core fundamental that generally exemplifies the genre – it’s not a 2D platformer. Since the game takes place underwater, you have a full 360 range of movement for your submarine. And while I was curious to see how that translated to the experience, ultimately, Depths of Sanity left me disappointed by what could have been. You play Abe Douglas, a nautical commander, on the search for the missing Baroness submarine. Not only did he have a hand in picking the crew of the missing vehicle, but his own son is on board. So he’s really motivated to find them and hopefully return to the surface safely. Unfortunately for Abe, he has no idea what he’s getting himself into. Instead of a straightforward mission, he unknowingly dives headfirst into a Lovecraftian nightmare that will quickly make you question what’s actually happening. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

I should say here, I love the premise and atmosphere of the game. It’s dark, mysterious, and oozing with menace from every dark corner. A large reason why is the outstanding sound design. The music always matches the mood, and it escalates right before things get dangerous. One perfect example is when Abe finds an audio recording from the Baroness, about how a crew member started hearing impossible songs under the ocean. Cue the soundtrack suddenly changing to a sweet and utterly terrifying song before horrific Sirens start turning out the lights and attacking you. I wish the atmosphere was representative of the broader experience, but that’s not the case. Because where Depths of Sanity really drops the ball is with how it actually plays. Now, I’ll preface this by saying I’m not a keyboard and mouse gamer. I find it awkward and unintuitive. So I was hopeful that my gamepad would do the trick. And while I thought it worked at first, I quickly discovered several problems. The game’s default controls involve aiming with the left stick, holding A to accelerate, and firing with the shoulder buttons. I found it was easier to tweak it so I could accelerate without the A button, and could just control my movement with one joystick. While this was more manageable, I found the game would unexpectedly change the control scheme back to the default without warning, making it nearly impossible to get around. One time it even wouldn’t let me aim with the joystick, and forced me to use the mouse instead. SHADOW HUSH


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