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Life Is Strange 2 Free Download GAMESPACK.NET Despite featuring new main characters on a decidedly different journey, Life is Strange 2 returns you to the instantly-recognizable universe featured in the original, which has charmed so many since the game was released in 2015. It doesn’t take long for Sean, Daniel, and the story of their brotherhood and escape from Seattle to draw you in as well– though there are a number of differences between the original LiS and its sequel, the strong emotional themes and often-difficult and occasionally-tragic choices that are made along the way reveal a game that is unmistakably cut from the same cloth. A captivating and relentlessly-engaging experience, it more than stands up to the caliber of previous entries in the series while remaining unafraid to move in a new and unique direction. For that, among other reasons including improved gameplay mechanics, a fascinating new power to wrangle, and a predictably killer soundtrack, Life is Strange 2 is the best game I’ve played in years, hands down. As an aside, I really hope to get a glimpse of Sean and Daniel in the next Life is Strange game, even if it’s just a nod– I miss those two! Long live the wolf brothers! TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

It was definitely better than the 1st Life Is Strange. It goes way beyond some high school drama, as we get to travel, see beautiful sceneries and deal with serious contemporary social issues. I like Sean as much as Max in he first series, they’re both empathetic, sensitive and artistic. Daniel is a little rascal, but he’s what moves the plot forward – kind of like Chloe did before, except he’s much younger and that can account for his lack of forethought, unlike Chloe who acted immature without a motive. I think the introduction of Karen was what annoyed me the most, her actions made completely no sense and the ending episodes got completely wasted on her arch. I wish she was never introduced to the series and we got to interact more with the other characters – especially Lyla and Cassidy. But all in all I got very emotionally invested in this series, much more so than the previous games. The visuals were stunning and the music made them even better. Surviving Mars


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