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Surviving MarsFree Download GAMESPACK.NET I After many many hours lost my saved game because The company knows the game is flawed when you try to save the game at some point it will be crashing it never stops crashing no matter what you do they always blame the consel or item you are playing on even if you go to a new console and delete the cache reformat your game all sorts of things it does not work I lost my game save data after the last update. To them its easy to blamebthe customers vs admiting there game is broken.. ANYONE that after long hours of play will encounter the save glitch and believe me u will regret ur whole life up to that point. I am a family on a massive budget and I seriously wepped when i realized we bought a broken game, from a predatory cash grab company that blames its costumers, because we barely have enough to ever buy a game as its a luxury and then realizing what we wasted our hard earned money. If i can save 1 family from wasting there money on this game and company ill die happy DO NOT BUY PARADOX GAMES EVER. i will never ever do this again. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

Surviving Mars is a great experience for players who think analytically and for perfectionists. The experience is an aesthetic indulgement. Mars Radio is the ultimative bonus with music out of this world that lets you immerse yourself into a new dimension. Do tutorials and take your time to discover the many choices. The speed of the game can be adjusted which helps figuring out how you want to set up your colony. Enjoy this meditation on life. Save often! The game is not intuitive and has a lot of bugs that prevent you from completing simple tasks. The instructional videos need to improve. They lack clarity and an expanse of the game’s capabilities. I’m not sure it is worth the time to work around errors in the game or having to restart to prior saves. There is a lack of clarity in its wide error of play options. If that sounded confusing then I’m explaining it right. Great potential but horrible clarity of play. Skul The Hero Slayer


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