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Lethal Company  Free Download GAMESPACK.NET Lethal Company is a four-person (without modding, we’ll touch on that soon) first-person survival horror action where players take on the role of an employee for the mysterious “Company” utilizing real-time gameplay. The duties of the employees are to land on a variety of moons and collect “scrap” within
abandoned facilities, each piece worth a different value. If the quota is reached at the end of three days, the players can continue with an even higher quota and extra challenge. This may seem simple, but many horrors are waiting within the facilities, and all of them are out for blood. Words can’t adequately capture how incredibly terrifying Lethal Company can and will be, and it’s all thanks to the direction of atmosphere and technical design. Nothing in my experience could have prepared me for being alone within the facilities, the silence only being broken by strange sounds or the screams of a friend being ripped apart a few rooms down. Knowing that there are monsters in the darkness that can kill me in an instant? The title of this game is accurate. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

Lethal Company is also good at instilling a need to survive within players. There are plenty of horror experiences out there where a monster is chasing the player and corners them, only for the player to grimly accept their fate and reload the last checkpoint. This diminishes fear, as there are no true consequences — nothing to fight for. In contrast, the player is constantly thinking of the quota, and how every death is a setback. That drive to succeed is a rare quality that pushes the affair into genius Now I am truly addicted to Lethal Company and have become quite good at surviving, but it’s not without its faults. To begin, the controls can be difficult to get used to, with not only a weight mechanic but also stamina, resulting in a lot of accidental deaths from falling or being unable to run away from the monsters. Each scrap has a weight value which incrementally slows a player’s speed, making it a balancing act of going for value over survivability. The Universim


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