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STAR WARS Battlefront Ultimate Edition Free Download GAMESPACK.NET yeah these people have not played online, being playing online on BF2 for 47 mins so far with around 13-21 ping and it is frankly disgraceful, the offical severs are full of desync, glitching through the terrain, enemies shooting through objects, and because of the rather janky movement of the old games mixed with the poor server performance actually aiming to hit anything is pretty hard, the offical conquest servers have it set to 80 tickets… a match is over in about 5 mins i am thinking about getting a refund and just going back to the unoffical PC servers they were much much better It’s pretty odd, I sorta get the ” we can finally play it on modern consoles” but anyone looking at PC it makes little sense as it’s been working all this time and is WAY cheaper. It’s just a couple of console exclusive (at the time?) maps added to it and price upped by an insane amount. It would be different if they actually implemented cross platform multiplayer as that would help improve player count but even today you can get servers with enough people on. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

If you remember playing the original Battlefront I and II, you’ll love playing them again on new generation consoles. They’ve added Kit Fisto and Asajj Ventress as well as multiple new maps that never made it into the originals. This definitely makes it worth it for any fan of these games or those wanting to see what all the fuss was about back in 2004/2005. Plus, with the ability to play multiplayer with friends and randoms, it’s going to be just like the simulations once again! In some ways better than I expected but still hope the issues get ironed out. Split-screen definitely needs to be restored to 4 player like it was in the original Xbox. I’m also hoping that the massive file size is addressed, either through compression and/or ideally making the AI upscaled textures/fmvs an optional download. If they do that and fix the bugs I think it’ll be a pretty much perfect rerelease to me, and I really appreciate the console versions also having a server browser. Pro Soccer Online

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