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Leos Fortune HD Edition  Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Leos Fortune HD Edition  Free Download GAMESPACK.NET Leo’s Fortune stars a blue ball of fur with a mustache. Actually, make that a rich blue ball of fur named Leopold, who sets out on a journey to demand the return of his missing gold from other fuzzy blobs he’s related to in one way or another. At its heart, Leo’s Fortune is a beautiful side-scrolling platformer, challenging players to slide and leap past spiky obstacles and solve simple, puzzling contraptions while collecting gold coins along the way. The game’s brief, unadorned story only serves as connective tissue throughout the 20 primary/story campaign levels. It’s a charming tale, one narrated by Leopold in an attractive sounds-like-Russian-if-you’re-American accent. Leo hypothesizes the fate of his gold while considering those close to him, each having lost something of material value in their lives, as suspects. The story wouldn’t normally be noteworthy in an iOS platformer like Leo’s Fortune, but it left an impression on me in its final chapter.Leo’s Fortune offers two control schemes, one of which meets the challenge of overcoming the issues platform games tend to have on touch-only devices. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

Leos Fortune HD Edition  Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Immerse yourself in Leo’s adventure as you follow the story of Leopold, a plushy furball, on a journey to recover his stolen gold. Uncover the mystery behind the theft and embark on an epic quest across breathtaking environments.

The default scheme (the one that works best) has players sliding their left thumb back and forth to push the fuzzy hero forward and backward. Sliding up with your right thumb causes Leo to jump and inflate, and sliding down forces him back to the Earth. The alternative scheme swaps out the sliding mechanics out for virtual buttons, but I found the default method instantly accessible on an iPad Mini, and I was easily able to navigate dangerous, spike-filled caves, looping tracks and distant leaps of faith without any real issue. The game hits that sweet spot required of platformers, where your instincts and intuition align to the physics of the environment, making it simple to gauge leaps and understand Leo’s limitations. As such, Leo’s Fortune is at its best when your instincts take over, while still offering enough creative design to maintain your interest, the same way that a veteran Sonic player might skip through Green Hill Zone. The environments include natural and man-made obstacles, like twisting caverns and swinging wooden platforms, all of which are smoothly detailed and draped with a lovely natural backdrop of trees, ruins and mountains. Leo’s accentuated voice adds a layer of attractiveness to the whole package, especially as he mutters, grunts and chortles his way past stretches of dangerous obstacles and death-pits.

Enjoyable additions such as bonus rounds, leaderboards, and collectables

Leo’s Fortune started its life as a mobile game but now it’s has been released on the PlayStaiton 4. Leo’s Fortune is a beautiful 2D sidescrolling puzzle/platformer with photo-realistic graphics that is absolutely gorgeous and fun. Want to learn more about Leo’s Fortune? The game places players in control of the titular Leo, a turquoise ball of fur with big cute eyes, a cute French mustache and an Eastern European accent. Leo has somehow managed to lose all his fortune, so he sets out on a journey to find his missing coins. Strewn across every level are a large number of coins just waiting for Leo to collect them, hence the name for the title! Leo get’s around the levels by jumping, bouncing and gliding. When bouncing high Leo sucks up the air and make’s himself look bloated, and it is then that he can glide across huge gaps or wedge himself between narrow gaps to press switches that are located in awkward positions. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe 

Leos Fortune HD Edition  Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Leos Fortune HD Edition  Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

He travels to five different worlds split into five acts, and along the way he must avoid obstacles such as spikes, moving blocks and bottomless pits. The puzzles are quite varied and clever. The game is also very engaging and as you progress the puzzles will become more challenging, and trial and error will definitely come into play. So if you want a challenge, why not take a look at Leo’s Fortune? The difficulty spike happens at a reasonable pace, and the game is never too hard. As for the graphics, it is right up there with Pneuma Breath of Life, making this a very pretty game. Over the course of the game, you will visit five different locations which all look significantly different from the last. You will traverse across pirate ships, grassy knolls or even find yourself burrowing into volcanic caves. The levels look elegantly crafted with wonderful hand-drawn art and a diverse colour pallet. Stages will seamlessly transition from varying backdrops which will keep you captivated throughout. The surroundings are not purely cosmetic though as the obstacles in each level are relative too. When aboard the pirate ships, you will be greeted with underwater puzzles and so forth. With Leo having no limbs, the complexities of these puzzles are limited as you are pretty confined by the control options.

Satisfying puzzle platforming gameplay

He can move left and right, jump, plummet or inflate which is as much as you can expect from a fluffy ball. By modern platforming standards, the precision of his movements can feel a bit sluggish as you will mistime jumps or slide off of platforms into hazardous spikes. These controls are great on a touch screen device but when translated to a controller, you have a lot of buttons which are irrelevant. As an adventure platformer, Leo’s Fortune has some minor exploration aspects in terms of making sure you collect all the gold (as well as other secret items) littered throughout a level. However, for the most part, Leo falls within the traditional platformer realm, with lots of traps to jump over and puzzles to solve that will open the path forward. That’s not to say it’s a bad thing, as I really enjoyed the experience in Leo’s Fortune. Early puzzles act as simple tutorials but later puzzles do a great job of incorporating various physics systems and decent cause-and-effect relationships. I wouldn’t say Leo’s Fortune offers anything particularly new, but it’s certainly one of the more refined platformer experiences on iOS. Mario Party Superstars 

Leos Fortune HD Edition  Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Experience the game’s visually stunning high-definition graphics that bring Leo’s world to life. Enjoy vibrant colors, detailed textures, and smooth animations that enhance the overall gaming experience.

Meanwhile, I’m thoroughly impressed with both the visuals and music in Leo’s Fortune. Every level is meticulously detailed with beautiful backdrops, great weather effects, and a unique look across worlds that almost gives off a steampunk vibe in some regards. Every scene looks simply spectacular, and has a certain level of quality rarely seen in iOS games. One minor complaint I had is the fact that it can be hard to detect some of the traps, which can quickly put an end to a no-death run in a level. The difference between this and the mobile version is that the mobile release is littered with in-app purchases (microtransactions) despite being a full priced title. The PS4 version, however, has completely removed this. Leo’s Fortune has no microtransactions so you can buy once and play without any limitations – a big plus in my book! Leo’s Fortune has 14 trophies to unlock, and they’re not difficult since most of them require collecting the hidden golden cogs in the levels (but not all levels have a hidden golden cog). This is why the trophies are distributed into 12 Bronze, 1 Silver and 1 Gold. With only 20 standard courses (as well as four bonus challenge levels), Leo’s Fortune manages to feel creative in its design throughout, never pausing long enough to feel stale.

Fantastic visuals, animation, and audio

The best courses feel like part of a larger machine, with cogs, gears and switches in Leo’s path. Its inventive design is evident as early as the first level, in which Leo needs to slide through a narrow track and inflate to push a switch and open doors. Pleasantly simple platforming mechanics and levels that maximize their use make for a brilliant combination. For example, one section has Leo floating around enormous, spiked iron balls while a stiff breeze carries him upward, forcing you to inflate/deflate your way through. The overall experience feels fleshed out, even with just two dozen levels. That said, the game is also almost painfully easy. I never got stuck on a puzzle, only halting whenever I couldn’t get past a particularly tricky platforming obstacle. The challenge increases significantly with the unlockable “hardcore” mode, which measures how far in the game players can get without dying once. I didn’t need to attempt it many times before realizing how impossible a task that seemed. Each level also offers up three stars to collect, one for clearing it in a record time, another if you don’t lose a life and a third for collecting every piece of gold. Some players may be driven to perfect every course, but I didn’t find much appeal in it. Mario Party Superstars PC 

Leos Fortune HD Edition  Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Leos Fortune HD Edition  Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Even as a one-off experience, though, Leo’s Fortune is an excellent platformer. The thumb-sliding controls fit tablet play perfectly, and the clever, gorgeous design is evident throughout. It’s neither lengthy nor terribly challenging, but these complaints are outweighed by the joy of sliding through each beautiful level. With around two dozen total levels, content is probably one of the few areas of Leo’s Fortune that some players may have a complaint with. However, I think the amount of content is perfectly acceptable considering that none of the levels ever feel like “filler.” Missions are intertwined well with the game’s overall narrative via cutscenes and locale progression, and there’s plenty of variety in terms of puzzle selection to keep the entire adventure interesting. Finally, the game’s mission objectives (some of which can be quite tough) as well as Hardcore mode add further replayability should you need it.

Controlling Leo is one of the more interesting aspects of the game. On the ground, he’s quite ‘floaty’ and is able to accelerate rather quickly. In fact, there were a lot of times when I got a distinct Sonic feel when collecting gold coins. Meanwhile, in the air, Leo can inflate himself to lower the rate of descent. There’s something about the physics in running and jumping with Leo that feel a little strange, but once you get used to it he becomes very easy to handle. I liked Leo’s touch-based controls, but I thought the game controlled best with my MFi controller. As you glide through the levels you will collect Leo’s stolen coins and complete puzzles. The puzzles are fairly simplistic, but they become more challenging in the later levels. Once again, the complexities of these puzzles are restricted by the design choice but they do utilize weight based mechanics to freshen up the experience. A few of the later puzzles will employ you to use your intellect, but trial and error will lead you to success. You only have 25 levels here which some may see as disappointing, but they all feel unique and never repetitive. Once you complete the game, you unlock a hard game mode which asks you to finish the game without dying. The game took me a few hours to defeat, and I found myself attempting speed runs, but this might not tempt everyone towards a second outing.

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