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Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling  Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling  Free Download GAMESPACK.NET The inspiration behind Bug Fables is pretty immediately apparent. The game opens with a story scene that weaves the backstory for the adventure, much in the same way the original Paper Mario did. Once the intro is over, we meet Kabbu, a young explorer who seeks a life of adventure and helping others. He’s paired up with Vi, a bee who just wants to prove herself to the world, and make some bank along the way. The two are tasked with exploring Snakemouth Den, a cave near the Ant Kingdom that has claimed the lives of many explorers. Once you’re in control, it’s easy to see further inspiration in the game’s art style, featuring flat characters in a 3D world, much like a pop-up book. As I began exploring, I got fun flashbacks to my memories of exploring Rogueport in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. An interesting note to make here is that, much like many indie studio games, Bug Fables gives you a decent amount of control over your experience. You can tweak music, sound, and dialogue sound levels individually, you can change the method of input for attacks that involve rapidly pressing buttons if you’re not interested in channeling your inner jackhammer, and you can even tweak the weight of the outline on 3D objects in the world. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

Bug Fables The Everlasting Sapling  Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Players control a team of three bug heroes, each with unique abilities and skills. They can switch between characters during battles to strategically exploit enemy weaknesses and solve puzzles.

I love this level of customization, even if I’ll use it once and forget about it. Just knowing it’s there is a comfort of sorts. The moment-to-moment writing also benefits from the trio-protagonist setup. Instead of having one character act as the whole party’s voice for any given scene, everyone is given equal time to interact with the world’s inhabitants — playing off of each other’s personalities, chiming in with their own perspective on any given event, and even talking amongst each other frequently to relay their understanding of their current environment or situation. For instance, in any given location in the game, or in front of any given NPC, the whole trio can provide their input on the specific circumstance at the press of a button. Sometimes it’s nothing more than a silly comment about a town’s outlandishly dressed NPC, but oftentimes provides deeper context to the current story elements as well. This is a mechanic borrowed from Paper Mario’s tattle system but improved upon wholesale.

Form a team with unique bug companions, each with their own personalities, abilities, and skills. Combine their powers and abilities to overcome obstacles and unlock new areas.

As an aside, each of the three characters will have entirely unique dialogue for tattling every enemy in the game in battle — an absurdly unnecessary level of detail that I love that Moonsprout went so far to implement anyway. Bugaria is a land filled with bug life of all wings and walks, where insects that have achieved sentience live in uneasy harmony. Long ago, the technologically superior roaches disappeared without a trace quite suddenly, and as time has progressed their existence and mechanical prowess have slipped into legend. In order to recapture lost artifacts, the Ant Queen has encouraged teams of explorers to go out and discover their whereabouts. While Kabbu, Leif, and Violet (known as Vi) didn’t intend to start out as a team, their journey together creates an unflinching bond. The character interactions are one of many strong pieces in Bug Fables with plenty of chuckle-worthy moments, with a really strong ending that leaves players desiring just a little more, which they thankfully get in a short epilogue, just to wrap up the last few threads. The game’s myriad sidequests also do much to flesh out its lore, including fetching needed items, retrieving lost bugs, fighting challenging enemies, or a combination of such tasks. Mario Party Superstars PC 

Bug Fables The Everlasting Sapling  Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Bug Fables The Everlasting Sapling  Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

However, the game doesn’t always give the necessary information required for sidequests to be completed, with many requiring somewhat obscure logical leaps. However, as most sidequests provide rewards that cannot be obtained any other way, they’re still worth pursuing. Tracking ongoing quests, current equipment, and all the information a player needs is easily done via simple, well-designed menus. In terms of combat, Bug Fables takes the core of Paper Mario combat and builds upon it to create a system that evokes the feeling of the source material with ample improvement. Vi is equipped with a tool known as the Beemerang, Leif wields chilling ice magic, and Kabbu uses his horn and armoured body to bash down enemies. With a three-person party, how combat will function is dictated both by both individual character position as well as the party’s equipped medals. Before any character attacks, the party order can be shuffled; the character in front is given an additional attack bonus, with the trade-off being this spot is the most likely to be targeted by enemy attacks. Combat is dynamic, with each character’s basic attacks as well as special moves dealing bonus damage by pressing a button combination at the proper time or in the proper order.

Roam the vast Bug Kingdom, filled with lush forests, treacherous dungeons, and bustling cities. Complete side quests, discover hidden treasures, and interact with a diverse cast of bug characters.

The party can also defend incoming attacks by using the defend commands, either reducing or eliminating most damage. If a character loses all their HP, they faint, but will return to 1 HP when the combat encounter is completed. When all characters lose their HP, it’s game over. Special moves are learned by leveling up or by progressing in the game’s story. As the pair explores Snakemouth Den, they come across Leif, a moth who has been trapped by an enormous spider. After rescuing him, the three finish their exploration, defeat the spider once and for all, and escape. The explorer’s union dubs them Team Snakemouth, and they are commissioned by Queen Elizant II to search for various artifacts that will unlock the way to the Everlasting Sapling, a mystical tree that grants eternal youth to anyone who consumes its fruit. That’s about all I’ll go into in regards to story, as story is naturally one of the driving forces of the game. All I’ll say is that the story is…nothing mind-blowing. It’s not nearly as simplistic as Color Splash, but it still hits many basic notes.  There are some more emotional moments near the end, but they feel a little out of left field, rather than being hinted at throughout the story. Mario Strikers Battle League

Bug Fables The Everlasting Sapling  Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

: Engage in strategic turn-based battles where timing is crucial. Execute well-timed button presses to deal extra damage or block incoming attacks. Characters can learn new skills and abilities as they level up.

There is one subplot that I wasn’t quite able to unravel in my playthrough that I’m interested in going back and finishing, so there’s definitely enough here to keep you hooked. Just…don’t expect Tolkein levels of world-building here. The gameplay of Bug Fables strikes a nice balance of exploration and platforming, again taking clear inspiration from its main source material. Each of the three explorers has various skills they can use in the overworld to help explore. Vi has a Beemerang that she can hold to activate switches, Kabbu can knock blocks and frozen enemies around to activate pressure plates, and Leif can freeze said enemies and create a shield to walk across dangerous floors. Speaking of NPCs, Bug Fables has a crazy amount of named characters to run into. Whether its the rival wasp Zasp, the veteran explorer Maki and his partner Kina, the traveling merchant duo Chicketly and Huscada, or the competing bee scientists HB and Honeycomb, the list goes on and on and on. There’s never a shortage of interesting characters to interact with, each with unique designs and varying degree of either plot or gameplay involvement. Very rarely will you ever run into a nameless generic bug meant to simply fill the space of a town. It really helps to sell a sense of place for each location visited, rather than just having it all come across like a bug-themed amusement park.

Encounter various environmental puzzles and platforming challenges that require clever thinking and agility. Use bug abilities to traverse obstacles, manipulate objects, and unlock new paths.

As with everything else in Bug Fables, battles and exploration will also always involve the whole trio in play at any given time. Vi, Kabbu, and Leif will also have unique abilities to use both within the combat screen as well as when exploring the overworld. As with so many other things in Bug Fables, the general ideas behind combat might be borrowed, but the implementation is undeniably clever. Since all three party members are in play at once, the player instead gets a choice to decide the order they appear in battle. Whoever appears in front will get a boost to their damage, but are more likely to be attacked. Party members can even borrow turns from their allies at the cost of their second action being slightly less effective than their first. On top of that, certain Medals (think Paper Mario’s Badges) will also affect different positions on the battlefield in different ways. Mario Tennis Aces 

Bug Fables The Everlasting Sapling  Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Bug Fables The Everlasting Sapling  Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Special attacks are powered by a pooled resource, TP. Each costs at least 2 TP to activate, and includes defensive moves such as commanding enemies to attack a certain character or providing stat buffs, and offensive moves such as dishing out extra damage or applying a status effect. Players will need to decide the right time to apply these effects, as each has advantages and disadvantages: Poison doles out damage at the end of each turn but cannot finish off an enemy; Numb prevents anyone affected by it from moving but increases defence of whomever is shocked; Sleep prevents the affected from taking any action while healing 2 HP per turn; Frozen prevents the user from acting and increases the damage they take by one, but immediately breaks after being attacked. Some enemies can also inflict Burns, which act like Poison. Later in the game, characters can unlock a pet plant named Chompie, which does a base two damage, and can be equipped with ribbons to add additional status effect attacks to its repertoire. Learning when and how to apply status effects is crucial to taking out tougher enemies in the last two chapters of the main story.

This is where medals largely come into play. Medals are collected in a variety of ways — purchased from vendors, received as quest rewards, or discovered by solving puzzles — and how many can be equipped depends upon the player’s choices. Each time the party levels up, players must choose one of three options: increasing all party members’ HP by one, increasing TP by three, or increasing MP (medal points) by three. Medals can be equipped to individual party members, such as one to increase attack by sacrificing defence, while other medals such as one that prevents enemies from getting a first strike are equipped to the party as a whole. These medals can drastically change how a party functions — for example, one option would be to stack boosts and status effects on Vi while having Leif buff her and Kabbu taunt to ensure she isn’t attacked even while in the front row. However, there’s no strict wrong way to build a party’s medal composition, and the player is free to create any combination desired.

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