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Journey has you playing as a robed figure exploring a massive desert. Your aim seemingly is to reach a mountain that’s always visible to you initially. Journey‘s story is told through a few cutscenes spread across the experience without any voices. The gameplay plays a big part in piecing together the narrative and I’ve found people interpreting things differently. You slowly find more scarf pieces and can jump or fly higher. Your scarf plays a very important part in the game. A lot of people compared ABZU from Giant Squid to Journey but I feel like even with Journey‘s vague structure, it handles the overall narrative much better. My main complaint with the core game has always been one of the later segments of the game that feels tacked on and breaks the flow. I don’t want to spoil things, but you will know when you reach there. The in-game mechanics for that area are really bad. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

As of now, there is no MFi controller support in Journey on iOS. This is pretty surprising considering the game is originally a PlayStation 3 release that was ported to PlayStation 4 and eventually PC. The touch controls are more or less fine but the camera might be a problem for some. I’d recommend spending some time trying to not only change the setting but also experimenting with camera movement using the right virtual analogue stick. This will help a lot later on when the game pacing becomes a bit faster or when you find yourself struggling with some of the platforming sections. The movement felt very erratic at first and almost gave me motion sickness just like The Witness did when I played it on iOS. Toilet Chronicles



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