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Toilet Chronicles Free Download GAMESPACK.NET Toilet Chronicles – is a public toilet simulator with mystical setting where you need to find a way out of the toilet with the help of your toilet neighbor. Find a way to escape with your partner until one of you dies. Every choice you make brings you to a different outcome Nabbed every achievement, and so saw every ending and then some. A funny, rapid-fire game with a novel concept in the approach to endings/deaths. But it also suuuuuuuuucks to play, especially on steam deck, where I couldn’t quite make it feel smooth enough to not irritate the heck out of me. That said, I’d happily play more little games in this vein. Sometimes I just wanna smile at some stupid jokes and spongebob references, you know? There is nothing to this game. They came up with a really clever idea and the start of the mystery is great, but it leads to nothing. There is no ending. There is no story. There is no reason. You just solve puzzles for the sake of solving them and have “multiple endings” depending on how you lose. I really can’t recommend this one. It’s a really, really cute idea that simply isn’t executed. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

Another game based around “alternate endings” where, in reality, the endings are just fail conditions/deaths. This game has the grace to allow you to skip previously done segments when retrying, but the progression is pretty painful and uneventful. The first part is a good buildup, but the second half… oh god… FIND THE NUMBERS TO OPEN THE KEYDOOR. Riveting… I honestly thought the keydoor was some kind of gag you could easily skip with an interesting puzzle/solution, especially due to the joke “check” button, but no, you seriously have to scrape as much as you can out of these two, rather baron tiny rooms to get all the numbers. And then thats it, the game ends. “Are you disappointed?” Yes. PS. Despite this game being about toilets, you cannot shit and you cannot flush the toilet. Practically unplayable. Chivalry 2

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