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Inked A Tale of Love Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Inked A Tale of Love Free Download GAMESPACK.NET A movie by famed Italian director Federico Fellini, tells the story of a team of journalists making a documentary about the director’s life, creative process, and memories from his many years in the film industry. Actually, Fellini has made a film about the making of a film about… the making of a film. Inked: A Tale of Love, a game by Somnium Games, published by Starbreeze Publishing, is based on a similar loop. It tells the story of a “Nameless Hero”, as he is referred to in the game, a Samurai of sorts, who embarks on a journey, armed with his pen, to find his loved one, Aiko. She has gone to unknown whereabouts to find a cure for a mysterious disease affecting the Black Birds. His journey will take him across the land and the sky, through freezing cold, searing heat, and surreal darkness. As the game progresses, the relations between the game’s protagonists and the artist/developer who created them are gradually revealed. Not only do they sometimes converse with him directly, but it also appears that their story actually reflects his own. Memories from his past float in front of The Hero and Aiko’s very eyes. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

Inked A Tale of Love Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

The game features a beautiful, hand-drawn art style with intricate designs and animations that bring the game world to life.

The emotional ending ties the two separate stories together. In other words, IATL is a game created by an artist and is about an artist who, like Fellini, creates a fictional world in order to tell his story. The graphics in IATL are hand-drawn, pen-and-paper style. Even the (unchanging) cursor itself is shaped like the tip of a fountain pen. The colour palette is monochromatic and changes between locations. A jungle is, for instance, green and white, and the desert is red and white. Shading is achieved through the changing density of ink lines. The hero is always drawn in blue, perhaps a hint at his mood without Aiko. Locations are varied, including a desert, a jungle, and a stone maze in the sky. The game is basically one large maze after another, with puzzles scattered throughout. You can never get lost in any maze, as the Nameless Hero’s path is pre-set and the mazes are not too complex. All the puzzles are physics-based. You can manipulate recurring objects such as ramps, spheres, fans, boxes, and planks in order to pull a switch, defrost an ice wall or reveal a hidden staircase.

Your journey will touch your hearts and change you forever

When manipulating an object, a grid appears which enables you to place it in the required spot and angle. This is done by using both the left and right mouse buttons and can be a bit confusing or inconvenient at times. Each location adds a new object to the already familiar ones. All are needed in order to solve the puzzles there. The puzzles themselves are getting more complex as you progress. They may be difficult, but not impossible to solve. Objects may sometimes fall into the water or into a ravine. No need to worry – they will miraculously reappear until you find the right way to use them. This is a very nice and convenient feature of the game. Another useful feature is that there is almost no backtracking. All you need in order to solve a puzzle is right there before your eyes. No need to retrace your steps, or carry cumbersome objects from afar. Movement is node-based. You click wherever you want The Hero to go, and he will comply, leaving a trail of vanishing ink spots in his wake. For most of the time this works, but in later stages, there are some puzzles in which The Hero has to run in circles as part of the solution. alcon Age Switch NSP 

Inked A Tale of Love Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Inked A Tale of Love Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

This is where this control scheme gets a bit clunky, causing him to be stuck in one place or to run either aimlessly or in the wrong direction altogether. Controlling The Hero is inconvenient also when pulling or dragging heavy boxes in different directions, an action which is required in many puzzles. Another quibble involves camera angles. Actually, camera angle. It is unchangeable, sometimes causing The Hero to disappear behind rocks, making you believe there is a place of interest right around the corner. There were some puzzles in which a better point of view would have led to an improved understanding of the required solution, or reduced the amount of trial and error. The music in IATL is rich and relaxing. While not very dramatic, it manages to convey a range of emotions from love and longing to fear and a sense of imminent danger. Sound effects are good, as are the ambient sounds. There is careful attention to detail; you can hear a fire crackling, frogs croaking and birds chirping. An extra treat: the animated gusts of wind, in a true cartoon-like fashion. There are no dialogues. The story is narrated by an unseen storyteller.

A multi-layered narrative that breaks the fourth wall

His narration is very good if a bit melodramatic. It reminded me of a fairytale or a bedtime story. Inked: A Tale of Love offers an interesting look at how the personal life of an artist finds its way into his creation, whether it is a painting, a book, a piece of music, or a computer game. It sheds light on the close, even intimate connection between the artist and the world he or she creates. Traversing this world will take each and every one of us on a uniquely personal journey. First and foremost, the game is based on a good, emotional, and relatable story, enhanced by the soundtrack and graphic design — and there you have it — an outstanding adventure game. In the current era of impressive development tools and talented studios of all sizes, there can be download-only games that are just as eye-catching as big-budget contemporaries while having a focus on a small, carefully constructed experience. Inked: A Tale of Love is a good example of what can be achieved by small but talented creative teams, making a leap from Apple Arcade and providing a reminder of the lovely diversity to be found in the Switch eShop library. Fallen Bride Mege 

Inked A Tale of Love Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

The game’s romantic storyline is told through a series of puzzles and challenges, and players must solve them to progress the story

Inked: A Tale of Love utilises a hand-drawn style not just for visual panache, but as a fundamental part of the story. You play a hero that at first tries to solve a mystery of suffering animals, and then embarks on a quest to save his true love. It’s smartly told with a narrator that’s more than they seem, along with some fourth wall-breaking for added effect. It’s a simple but carefully told story, with impressive beats that’ll make you think twice about some actions. The gameplay itself is relatively simple, perhaps highlighting the game’s origins on smart devices. You work through multiple environments and chapters from an isometric perspective, keeping an eye out for hidden paintings and solving a broad range of puzzles. These are excellent for the most part, with a steady progression of new mechanics and ideas to keep things interesting. There are one or two puzzles that felt a little glitched in execution, but the vast majority are clever and a pleasure to solve. This is a relatively short experience at a few hours long, but it feels like time rather well spent. There’s fantastic audio design with a great soundtrack and well-voiced narration.

Logical and Delightful Puzzles

It’s visually arresting too, not so much mimicking hand-drawn ink art than genuinely looking the part. Somewhat rarely for a Switch game, there are also visual quality settings, with three variations from low to high. There are occasional moments of slowdown and stutter in the highest setting but we opted for ‘high’ in any case; it’s a nice touch to be given the choice, though. By the time the credits roll you’ll likely still have some hidden paintings to find, and even if you leave them behind, this is a thoroughly pleasant and satisfying experience on Nintendo’s system. With smart puzzles, beautiful presentation and a story full of emotive moments, Inked: A Tale of Love is well worth your time. Inked is an adventure based on “puzzles” with a hand-drawn artistic direction and, as the title implies, it tells a love story, here played by the Nameless Hero in search of his lost love, Aiko. The action takes place in a mythological world full of beautiful landscapes drawn with ballpoint pen and inspired by Japanese legends. Despite the romantic surroundings, it is a journey of ups and downs that also intertwines with the life story of the brushstroke artist himself. Fallen Doll Operation Lovecraft

Inked A Tale of Love Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Inked A Tale of Love Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

A satisfying and moving experience that will stir the hearts of many. Over ten minimalist worlds, with a prologue, nine episodes and an epilogue, Inked: A Tale of Love presents itself as a relaxed and calm game, where puzzles are not too demanding and where we rarely find ourselves we come across moments where we get stuck at a certain point. Most puzzles ask the hero to help his beloved to cross the scenarios: moving a block or a ramp or interacting with objects, there is an effective sense of progression and new ideas are introduced throughout the episodes. All this with simple controls, perhaps because of the game’s origins on mobile devices, and an isometric perspective. With a unique visual environment and a soundtrack that does justice to the theme, Inked: A Tale of Love also has an ambient sound of above average quality. Something more rare on Nintendo Switch, here there is even an option to adjust the graphic performance between three levels. An interesting addition, but there are some sporadic breaks in fluidity at higher performances. Perhaps the biggest limitation of this game is its duration, a couple of hours is enough to go through this adventure.

Inked: A Tale of Love is a short, casual game that presents a simple love story beautifully illustrated literally and figuratively. Featuring the life of a Nameless Hero and his dedication to Aiko, his lost love, we are brought to this imaginative world created by Adam, the comic book artist of the game. Through all trials and tribulations, we see the Nameless Hero’s love overcome all obstacles, eventually bringing together both protagonist and creator on an unforgettable journey that we get to actively take part in. Its puzzles are creative, the story message is clear, and although not necessarily life-changing, the narrative-driven game is a comforting experience that feels personal to one’s own life journey. The Nameless Hero is a brave ronin who uses a brush as his weapon. As the name of the game suggests, Inked is set in a hand-drawn world with our hero wielding the ability to create shapes and move objects with the swish of his brush, and our narrator slash artist Adam is the one who creates obstacles and solutions in our warrior’s path. As it is narrative-driven, with Adam working with and against our hero, the game’s take on presenting an idea is very creative and meaningful, even if it may not seem like it at first.


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