HORROR MANOR Free Download GAMESPACK.NET It was enjoyable in an “ABC Tuesday Night Movie of the Week” kind of way (you have to be old to remember those)which I am sure old pro Hershey most likely starred in one or two of .but it is nothing more, nothing less. The plot holes are thick and the character development is zero. Nothing scary, you know what is happening, but Hershey does her best with the material. It WOULD have been fun if they had gone over the top with the camp and had the sinister nursing home workers be more over the top, but as it was played everything was flat.  Blumhouse delivers again. As Betty Davis said “old age ain’t for no sissies” and this movie really brings it home. As someone over 60 who lost her mom to dementia, a horrible disease, and has days I feel I am aging gracefully and days not so much, I loved and could relate to all of it. Barbara Hershey really delivers and it’s great to see a mature actor bring it. Thank you Jason Blum and co for creating interesting and relevant content. I’m really glad for the welcome to Blumhouse series as during pandemic I went through all the movies from blumhouse I could find. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

I am a big admirer of horror movies, seen many of them and recently I happen to watch this one. Although this is not up to the mark for a “Blumhouse” production, but certainly stands above than an average-grade horror movie. Believe me, I have seen worse than this with a pretty good review. Apart from the main story-line, the bond between a grandma and her grand son and the feelings and emotions of old-aged people suffering from dementia and other age-related issues in an old-age home is depicted quite sensibly in the movie. The jump-scares also help to keep the tension going with the plot. The ending is a bit blunt, could have been better as there were scores for that in the script but overall, its not that bad as was reviewed by others. I will definitely give it a 3.8 out of 5.. go for it and I guarantee if you like horror thrillers, you are not going to be disappointed..  Suzerain


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