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Horizon Chase Turbo Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Horizon Chase Turbo Free Download GAMESPACK.NET It’s easy to dismiss the retro vibe behind many pop culture phenomena—including Blade Runner 2049, Stranger Things, and the entire synthwave moment—as nothing more than shallow appeals to nostalgia. A handful of media properties have managed to dig deeper, however, creating more rewarding experiences. Horizon Chase Turbo, a racing game for PC and PlayStation 4, falls into that category. This title harkens back to the simple, but thrilling, racing action found in late 1980s and 1990s tiles like Rad Racer and Top Gear. Aspiring J. J. McClures who were weaned on Forza, Gran Turismo, and other contemporary racing games may find Horizon Chase Turbo a tad shallow, but those who dig arcade-style racers will find little fault in this PC game’s simplicity. Good arcade racers are a rarity these days, so it’s refreshing to finally have one on PlayStation 4 with Horizon Chase Turbo. Originally a successful mobile game, this beefed-up version of the Top Gear-like racing game is very different from the console’s other vehicular endeavours. Unlike Gran Turismo Sport, DriveClub, or Project CARS, this is about as arcadey as it gets, and it’s a lot of fun. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

Horizon Chase Turbo Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

: Horizon Chase Turbo offers a classic arcade-style gameplay experience that harkens back to the golden era of racing games.

You’ll start each low-poly race at the back of the pack, and your objective is simply to overtake everyone before the stage is over. You’ve access to a few speed boosts, but gameplay is exceedingly streamlined. Aside from some tight corners, you can get by holding down accelerate and turning left or right, ensuring you pick up some extra fuel along the way. This is one lean – and fast – racing experience. The good news is that, due to the short events and straightforward gameplay, it’s very compelling. If earning gold trophies isn’t enough, there are collectable coins to find in each race of the surprisingly lengthy campaign. As you progress you’ll unlock new cars with unique stats that you can enhance with permanent buffs. Additional modes give you slightly different ways to play, but this is where Horizon Chase Turbo begins to let off the gas. Screaming through its colourful courses at ludicrous speeds can be lots of fun either alone or in local multiplayer, but the repetitive nature of the game will hit you sooner rather than later. You won’t be left wanting for more content, but it’s arguably too much for such a simple title. If you’re after a very different racing game on PS4, this certainly fits the bill — but watch you don’t fall asleep at the wheel during the long haul.

Classic arcade-style racing gameplay with modern graphics and sound.

Horizon Chase Turbo is the first PC entry in what has until recently been a smartphone and tablet racing series. Your goal, as in other racing titles, is to finish first in automotive sprints. This isn’t a Forza Horizon-style open world; instead, you race through 109 straightforward tracks scattered across several nations, including Chile, China, Japan, South Africa, and United States. Each country has multiple cities in which you can spin your hot wheels. California racing locales, for example, include the Los Angeles and San Francisco regions, each containing unique sights. In total, there are 48 cities to race through and 12 cups to claim. A successful racing title, at least in my eyes, is built on four pillars: a satisfying sense of speed, tight controls, excellent cruising music, and beautiful locations. Horizon Chase Turbo checks off each of those boxes. It’s a gorgeous game, though, admittedly, one that may not be instantly recognized as such due to the unique art style that recalls Google’s Material Design. The graphics dance between pastel colors and cool, neon highlights depending on if you’re driving at daytime or nighttime, respectively. Eastern Exorcist 

Horizon Chase Turbo Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Horizon Chase Turbo Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Plus, Horizon Chase Turbo adopts a stylized, flat polygon look that gives it retro flavor without jaggies, clipping, and other 1990s-era polygonal visual flaws. The most appealing gameplay feature is that maintaining your fuel gauge is an active factor, especially during tracks where fuel pickups are scarce. Your car’s fuel depletes faster than is comfortable once you’re on the move, and what this does is push the player to approach certain turns in order to snatch up gas pickups floating over the roadway. This is an added layer of strategy that I greatly appreciated in a game that is simple in the approach, but avoids being brainless at the same time. There are other pickups on the tracks which will affect your decision making. Extra Nitro boosts can get picked up if you’re lagging behind in the race, and if you can pick up every last one of the optional blue tokens, you’ll be awarded the most trophy points possible to earn in a given race. That in turn helps with progression, since your standing in each race will determine how fast you can unlock other content while playing the three available campaigns.

Over 100 tracks to race on, spread across several continents.

Another piece of the puzzle lies in how to pass other cars, and since there’s always 20 cars on the track, you will most likely hit a car (or three) eventually. Hitting cars in general is just a bad idea in racing games. In Horizon Chase Turbo’s case, it can be a double-edged sword, since the collision physics hew closer to bumper cars, where collisions result in vehicles bouncing off of one another. This can result in hilarious outcomes, but be either helpful or hurtful for your goal of reaching first place, since hitting a foe in the rear, for instance, gives them a boost while slowing you down in the process. It gets exceptionally chaotic once one car hits another and triggers a ripple effect of multiple collisions with nearby cars, as if you’re all playing vehicular pinball. Car customization is straightforward in Horizon Chase Turbo. You are given the choice of what upgrades to unlock as you progress through the game’s World Tour campaign. There are 12 unlockable upgrades, and these upgrades are applied automatically to every car in your collection. Sadly, there’s not much thinking or build customization involved in this department aside from choosing what you’d want now rather than later. Easy Come Easy Golf Switch NSP

Horizon Chase Turbo Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

: The game allows for up to four players to race against each other in split-screen mode

Well, and so I was suddenly occupied for hours with a game that hadn’t grabbed me at all in its original form, namely on a mobile phone screen. why? Very simple: Firstly, the frame rate on PC and PlayStation 4 is worlds better than on a non-high-end smartphone. On the other hand, the switch from digital touchscreen steering to analogue control finally means real driving pleasure. Just like in the past, turning around the slope is hardly the problem; the real challenge is being fast while narrowly squeezing your way between trackside pillars and an opponent in a tight corner. You can’t do that at all with digital back and forth – on the big platforms it’s one of the best things about the game. I only find it annoying that the gas and brakes still react digitally, so that driving is never really enjoyable. Apart from that, 109 courses are of course an insane amount – in reality, however, several parts of the route are so similar that you almost always have the feeling of being on a route construction kit. The same applies to the 31 vehicles, most of which hardly differ from each other.

Local multiplayer support for up to four players.

Since tracks are over quickly, there is a real addicting “one more race” quality to the game that kept me not only retrying courses in order to get first place and grab all the tokens, but also continuing to progress to see what each new track would offer, thanks in part to the simple but gorgeous and whimsically coloured background environments and track detail which changed substantially from region to region. Weather effects such as snow and rain are present to affect steering negatively, and with the same composer behind the game’s soundtrack (including a few remixed tracks from the original Top Gear, which were a real treat to behold), I found a lot to keep me playing. Beyond the ability to play every track split-screen with multiple players, and a more traditional Championship mode, the fact that the game also boasts over 100 tracks and around 30 unlockable vehicles makes for not only a wonderful down-to-Earth arcade racing experience, but also effectively makes Horizon Chase Turbo the best Top Gear game ever made, even if it doesn’t boast the name of the original IP. Easy Red 2

Horizon Chase Turbo Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Horizon Chase Turbo Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Graphically, Horizon Zero Chase is not the most appealing racing game to look at, especially when you have the game on pause, as the environments look like 3D objects that have yet to be rendered properly. It’s easier to take the art style in once your car is moving more than 100 MPH, but it isn’t as bad as the music that plays when you race. I found this game’s musical tracks didn’t work at all, as they didn’t mesh well with a game that’s all about speed and momentum, nor did it help support its arcade-y nature. Thankfully, in terms of presentation, the car designs fit the tone of Horizon Chase Turbo. They’re a cute collection of racing cars that reminded me of my childhood Hot Wheels collection. The roads you ride penetrate stylized towns, cities, and country sides. If you’re cutting through San Francisco, you can expect to see hills and the Bay Bridge in the distance, but don’t expect to drive down Market Street or blaze past Moscone Center. Though Horizon Chase Turbo is a PC game, its DNA lies in mobile gaming. As a result, you should expect a simpler racing experience. Simpler, however, doesn’t mean bad. If you fire up pick-up-and-play games like Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge or Top Gear on a regular basis, Horizon Chase Turbo belongs in your library. You don’t need to obsess over gear, chassis, and tires. That said, you can unlock 12 body kit upgrades and more than 30 cars.

I would love if Horizon Chase Turbo supported custom soundtracks, as Forza Horizon 3 does, but it’s not a huge lack. That’s because Barry Leitch (the composer behind Lotus Turbo Challenge, Rush, and Top Gear) handles Horizon Chase Turbo’s soundtrack, a collection of compositions that provide the synthy audio backdrop. As you whip around tracks, you’ll see fuel canisters and blue tokens strewn across the playfield. You should pick them up (by driving over them), as tokens increase your score and fuel adds to your gas supply. Both are important pickups, but you won’t finish a race without grabbing fuel. That’s right, your car can run out of gas. That’s something that belongs in a sim racer, not an arcade racer. I don’t particularly dig this Horizon Chase Turbo aspect. You’ll also find nitro icons on the tracks, which let you hit turbo to either break away from (or catch up to) the pack. Fortunately, using turbo doesn’t affect the gas-depletion rate. In fact, if you burn all your fuel but still have turbo available, you can use the boost to get moving again and possibly pick up gas cans (or finish the race if you’re within striking distance of the line).

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